Piles Plus

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Author: NikoNiels

Last revision: 27 Aug, 2018 at 21:50 UTC

File size: 7.16 MB

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This mod will teach your hearthlings how to pack things up for storage. They are analogues for the log pile, stone pile and clay pile that you are familiar with. I tried to keep as close to the stonehearth style as possible, so this mod will be minimally-intrusive for your vanilla-feel gameplays.

The current version (v5.0) adds piles for:

*all ores
*lumps of coal
*all ingots
*clay bricks
*leather and cloth
*most kinds of fiber
*all pelts
*varanuses skins
*all herbs and feathers from before SH release
*all gears

It is also notable that certain piles can be stacked on top of one-another. This is the case for
*Egg boxes
*Gear piles
*Wool and course fiber bales, and maybe the silkweed bale as well
*piles of bricks
*pelt racks

Current Version: 5.0
This version is the one updating the mod to 1.0 standards. Due to just how many resources have been added to the game in the release update, I don’t have full coverage anymore. Trying to get full coverage of all the possible resources would mean making a lot more piles, most of which you’ll rarely use. Thus, if you want/need a pile included in this mod, ask me , that is the best way to for me to know what is actually useful to add. I added a jerky drying rack by request of @Averest for that reason, so don’t hesitate to ask for piles!

Post on the discourse Forum: Piles Plus Discourse Forum Page [discourse.stonehearth.net]

Go to @Yangzhoui, @Hamnisu and @BrunoSupremo for help with my bugfixing difficulties. Also thanks to everyone who helped me improve the mod by sending in bug reports.

Legal Stuff
I made this mod for practical purposes, so I don’t mind if people use it for their own mods. If you’re going to ask money for you mod, then I’d like you to ask permission, but for free mods and the game you get my permission by default.

… is always welcome.