GO Transit Compilation Pack

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Author: Col0Korn

Last revision: 16 Sep, 2018 at 01:11 UTC

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This modification adds the following GO Transit rolling stock from Toronto, Canada to the game:

-GMD F7A – GO Transit | Available from 1976
-GMD F7B – GO Transit | Available from 1976
-GMD F40PH III – GO Transit | Available from 1978
-GMD F59PH – GO Transit | Available from 1988
-MPI MP40-3C – GO Transit | Available from 2005

-Bombardier Bilevel – GO Transit | Available from 1976

-D40 – GO Transit | Available from 1989


-Custom soundset including low-speed bell when travelling under 20km/h!

-Manned and Unmanned versions – Unmanned version has no Head-End Power (HEP)

-Interiors for F40PH, D40, and Bombardier Bilevel are completed and feature crew/passengers. F59PH and MP40-3C will be worked on in the near future.

Update 1.2

-Added GMD F7A GO Transit locomotives with 2 variants.
-Added GMD F7B GO Transit locomotive.
-Fixed availability of MPI MP40-3C GO Transit.
-Changed ‘EMD’ to ‘GMD’ where applicable.

Update 1.1

-Added F40PH VIA Rail locomotive. Happy Victoria Day!
-Changed years available to more closely reflect real-world years of operation.

Author: Col0Korn (Conversion)

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