Traffic Filter

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Author: diomidov

Last revision: 31 Mar, 2017 at 23:03 UTC

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Allows you to specify what types of traffic can travel on each lane of a road.

Example uses:
– Fake one-way roads.
– Roundabouts, cloverleafs, etc.
– Forcing transiting trucks to use a ring road.
– Truck-only lanes.
– Real bus lanes (and not bus-or-truck lanes).
– etc.

The filter comes in 4 flavors: for pre-1925 streets, pre-1925 country roads, post-1925 streets, post-1925 country roads[1]. All of them can be found in the street depot menu.

Each flavor has the following options:
– Street width: small, medium, large, or x-large (post-1925).
– Sidewalk: open or closed.
– For each lane: closed for everyone, open for everyone except trucks, open only for trucks, open for everyone.
– Other sidewalk: open or closed (for pedestrians).
– Tram line: no, unelectrified, or electrified (post-1875); compatible with street modification tool.

Known limitations and issues:
– There is no way to place a filter on an existing road — you have to demolish the road first. Needless to say, this is a very big issue in cities.
– It doesn’t provide Main Connection. You still need at least one normal road connecting the towns. This is for your own safety. The game tends to crash when there is a connection between two towns, but no way for cars to get from one to the other. If you promise to avoid such situations, you can use a mod like Majus’s Fussgaengerzone to create fake Main Connections.
– You can’t use it on bridges or in tunnels.
– It can’t distinguish private cars from buses. This is a technical limitation and I don’t know how to work around it (both buses and cars seem to use the BUS transport network layer). You can still use bus lanes on the surrounding roads though.
– It can’t distinguish trams from buses. This is primarily due to very limited UI space. I had to sacrifice some options, and this one was the most useless.
– If you have buses and trucks on the same line, bad stuff can happen. Your vehicles might go in circles and never reach their destination. Or the game might crash.
– Vehicles really don’t like to change lanes outside of intersections. There isn’t much I can do about this, so you should just create intersections whereever you want them to switch lanes.
– If another mod adds cargo trams, cargo buses, or passenger trucks, you might get unexpected but consistent results.
– If another mod adds custom roads, they won’t be automatically available in this mod. Feel free to extend this mod.
– If another mod increases the number of lanes in a stock road to >6 (or >4 pre-1925), those lanes won’t be changable in the UI. To add more lanes to the UI change the corresponding numbers in the .con files of this mod.- If another mod modifies stock roads in other sane ways everything should be fine. Sane changes include number of lanes (as long as it’s even and non-negative), road width, sidewalk width, sidewalk height, speed limit, name, description, price, and textures.
– If another mod modifies stock roads in insane ways (e.g. allows airplanes to walk on sidewalks)… I have no idea what’ll happen, but WTF?!
– The models look ugly, especially in the first person view. PM me if you want to design better ones.
– Traffic filter is a stupid and misleading name. Please suggest a better one.

[1]Fun fact: English lacks a good notation for cross products.

The road sign textures are based on images from
This mod is distributed under the MIT license.