Medieval Warfare

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Author: Emperor Jaco

Last revision: 21 Apr, 2019 at 14:20 UTC (6)

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This mods provides improved graphics, new features and new architeture and unit sets for every faction. To run this mod just do the same you do run the Independent architecture mods

Thanks to all the AOE 2 HD comunity members who are continually submitting their contributions.
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Este mod proporciona mejoras gráficas con terrenos y texturas en hd, así como nuevas características, nuevos edificios y sets de arquitecturas y unidades para cada civilización. Se activa del mismo modo en el que activas los mods de arquitectura independiente

New features / nuevo contenido:

Available unit sets
New wonders
New unique units

Alternative unit sets:


Recomended campaigns / campañas recomendadas:

Viking sagas
Genpei wars
1655 Potov Szwedzki
Venganza sangrienta

PD: Feel free to develop your campaign/scenario under MW, ill support your work on the upcoming youtube channel.