Phoenix Rising v2.0

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Author: evilbobthebob

Last revision: 19 Dec, 2019 at 19:04 UTC (2)

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Phoenix Rising is a complete overhaul of EAW’s mechanics, introducing new economic and production options, many new units, and a technology system that allows you to research and upgrade new units individually. Phoenix Rising is set in the Legends universe, during the Galactic Civil War.

***LAUNCH NUMBER***: 1235783994

– Play the Galactic Civil War your way from 18BBY with the full range of tech in the sandbox campaigns.
– Experience the lead-up to A New Hope from both sides of the Galactic Civil War, as told in the Legends universe, in the Operation Skyhook campaign.
– Capture or defend Coruscant in the Road to Coruscant.
– Defeat Thrawn’s attempts to reassert the Empire or fight with him to eradicate the New Republic in the Thrawn Campaign.
– Unite the warring Imperials or liberate the galaxy in Imperial Mutiny.

– Play the Galactic Civil War your way in the 18 BBY sandbox campaigns with the Rebels, Empire or CSA
– 50+ buildable land units, 85+ buildable space units, with 4+ upgrades each
– 160+ heroes, many with upgrades
– Countless Independent and special starting forces units, some buildable in unique locations
– Research technology from the end of the Clone Wars through to the Yuuzahn Vong War.

Short summary of changes:

– Sweeping optimization improvements, including a "light" campaign for those having performance problems.
– Rewritten galactic conquests
– Rewritten AI to be more intelligent and challenging
– All hyperspace travel now done via hyperlanes, with bonus speed and income from different sizes of route
– Complete overhaul of planet locations, bonuses, and abilities
– Over 50 new ground maps for v2.0, many new space maps
– Both land and space skirmish are available (though land skirmish is still unfinished for the CSA)
– Space skirmish has been completely rebalanced to be more of a competitive experience

– New armor/shield/damage system for space combat, bringing it in line with our ground combat changes from v1.2.
– New space units and ground vehicles
– Improved weather system and atmospheric effects
– New hero system

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Even though the mod has been optimized, it may still take some time to load.

If you are having problems getting the mod to display in the game mod window, use this guide except using the number 1235783994 for this mod where the guide mentions a mod number.

Required DLC:

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Star Wars: Empire at War - Forces of Corruption

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