Age of Thrones

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AGE OF THRONES is an Age of Empires II Mod based on the fantasy universe of the “A Song of Ice and Fire” books and “Game of Thrones” show. The mod is still in its early stages of development. This mod may contain spoilers.

This mod requires the “AGE OF THRONES – LANGUAGE FILE” mod in order to work correctly. At this time English is the only supported language.


AGE OF THRONES features 18 playable “civilizations” based on factions from the ASOIAF/GOT universe. Many of these factions have unique unit and building graphics, techs, and heroes.Please note that at this time most of the "new" graphics are made by others, not myself – see credits below. In an effort to make this mod more original I have started to develop my own new unit graphics – see pictures for new unit previews (new units are mostly cut and paste from other’s models, mostly Jorgito).

Playable Factions:
-House Stark
-House Lannister
-House Greyjoy
-House Tyrell
-House Baratheon of Dragonstone
-House Baratheon of King’s Landing
-House Baratheon of Storm’s End
-House Martell
-House Arryn
-House Tully
-House Frey
-House Bolton
-House Targaryen, In Exile
-The Night’s Watch
-The King Beyond the Wall
-The Ghiscari Masters
-Dothraki Khalasar
-The Golden Company

Many of the key features of AOE2 have been renamed and/or reworked to match the theme:
-Monks are renamed as “Spies”
-Monastery is renamed as “Spy Guild”
-Wonder is renamed as “Seat of Power”
-Relics are now replaced with Holdfasts that must be held and controlled on the map

More details about factions, units, techs, and gameplay changes can be viewed here:

I am noticing more people subscribing to the mod and have been working hard to make things more stable and fix bugs. I will periodically update to fix bugs and make corrections, if you notice any issues or bugs let me know and I will be do my best to address them as quick as I can. I will mostly be focusing on adding new unit graphics for a while.

-Main data structure of the mod comes from Independent Architecture with Units 5.7 by Saint Michael’s (
-Most unit, building, and terrain graphics come from New Units and Terrain Re-Skin Mod by Jorgito (
-Some unit graphics from the Game of Thrones Mod by Erechel (
-Additional unit and building graphics come from the LotR Battles of Middle Earth mod (
-Giant graphic from Reign of Evil by Storm_of_Sword (
-Additional unit graphics come from A New Normal mod (
-Additional building graphics from Oxam Architecture Renovation Mod
-Dragon graphic from the Terror of the Dragon mod by Gallas (
-Additonal units from various mod packs by Achesun ( ,

PLEASE let me know if you feel that I have not properly credited you or if you would like me to remove your content from this mod!


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