[WOTC] Duke Nukem – Class & Character

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Author: Iridar

Last revision: 27 May at 02:45 UTC (3)

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This mod adds a new class and character – Duke "The King" Nukem. He is acquired by completing a Covert Action, and then a special mission. The Duke is automatically assigned a new and unique class – The King. This tough son of a b***h kicks a**, often literally, and uses a brand new and unique perk-based inventory system.

The Duke is accompanied by his trusty alien-slaying toolkit, including his iconic Shotgun and Pistol, Pipe Bombs, Med Kit, Size 13 Boots, Golden Brass Knuckle, Holo Duke and even the Shrink Ray. The class has 18 perks to choose from, many of which are brand new. There are also a few hidden flavor perks.




The mod is highly configurable through a whole bunch of configuration files that can be found in:


Duke’s abilities are customized in XComDuke.ini and his weapons and armor are in XComDukeItems.ini.

This mod disables Duke Nukem’s body parts and voice for XCOM soldiers. There can be only one Duke. If you don’t like this change, remove lines with minuses from this mod’s XComContent.ini.
If you’re using Unrestricted Customization, then also remove all lines in the XCom_UnrestrictedCustomization_Mod.ini


Utility Slot Sidearms WOTC
(WOTC) Utility Slot Sidearms Extended – Using utility weapons added by these mods on Duke will break his inventory system. It’s still just fine to use them on XCOM soldiers.

Duke cannot perform story actions such as taking the Blacksite Vial. Unfortunately, that’s a problem with all custom characters.

No other known conflicts at the moment.
Safe to add mid-campaign, but don’t remove it.

Duke gets access to cross-class perks, but not all of them might work for Duke out of the box. Let me know about any problematic perks, and I’ll either make Duke compatible with them, or blacklist the perks.


Q: Can I get Duke Nukem’s tools and weapons for other classes?
A: Yes, they are released as standalone mods. Click here.

Q: I don’t want to do Covert Action and Mission, can I add the Duke to my campaign right away?
A: Yes, use the AddDukeToCrew console command.

Q: Duke has no utility slots!
A: That’s not a question… For now this is an intended balancing measure. You can add a Utility Slot in this mod’s XComGameData_CharacterStats.ini, change this line CharacterBaseStats[eStat_UtilityItems]=0 to 1.

Q: I don’t want Duke’s appearance. Do I still have to use the CX Squadmate mod? Can I customize the character at all?
A: You need the mod for everything to work right. You can customize the Duke to look like any other soldier once you get him. You can change the voicepack, but you will still hear Duke’s voice for some of the abilities.

Q: How stable is the mod? Is it safe enough for ironman?
A: The mod is generally well tested, but you never know. I wouldn’t recommend an ironman playthrough.


Credit to Musashi for his Tactical C4 code used in Pipe Bombs.
Thanks to Xymanek for being super helpful in figuring out mission setup. Mad props, really.
Thanks to Ginger for his Weapon Set Template.
Thanks to RM for letting me steal all his custom mission code from Genji Redux.
Thanks to robojumper for letting me steal his blurry vision from Post Process Status Effects, and helping me do the necessary changes to Highlander.
Thanks to XCOMrades for Russian translation.
Nuclear sign by https://sketchfab.com/memoryleakx

This mod was commission by an anonymous party.
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