[WoTC] Standalone Exalted Custodians

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Author: Claus

Last revision: 8 Mar, 2019 at 01:00 UTC

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This mod adds two new Advent enemies, the Exalted Custodian and the Exalted Custodian Grandmaster. These Exalted Advent use Shotguns, Pistols, Rifles, an extremely powerful melee Gauntlet Weapon and a long range Cluster Rocket, they now wear fancy Advent Power armor and come with a slew of new abilities. They are also a "Boss Pod" like Sectopods and Gatekeepers.


  • 2 New Advent Enemies.


Exalted Custodian

Exalted Custodians are slow, with very high HP and armor values, they cannot utilize cover. Custodians will attempt to get within melee range of your soldiers, firing their pistol and Shotgun as they approach, and increasing their aim bonus as they get closer, if they get within melee range they will try and utilize their gauntlet weapon, the gauntlet has very high aim and very high damage(24 damage) so it is in your best interest to stay far away from them.
They will show up at Force Level 20, the max force level in the game.

Exalted Custodian Grandmaster

Grandmasters utilize an Assault Rifle instead of a Shotgun and Pistol combo. Like the normal Exalted Custodians they too utilize the same Breaker Gauntlet, however they also utilize a long range artillery back-mounted Rocket Launcher, this Rocket launcher has 4 charges, it deals 6 damage, but it bypasses all armor(doesn’t shred it however), Grandmasters will also activate a map wide buff to allied Advent units on reveal.
They also show up at Force Level 20 just like the Exalted Custodians.

New stuff for the Exalted variants

As they are an improved variant of the normal Custodians, Exalted Custodians and Grandmasters come with improved stat values, higher damage, higher mobility and even higher health and armor, so for those that found the normal Custodians excessive, i apologize, these guys are yet another entry into the "Suffering is fun" book(i might have gone too far in this case though), of course all the stats and stuff are adjustable in the .inis as per usual. However, on top of higher stats they come with additional abilities too, while you can see them on the images above, but i will list them here too:

  • Speed Booster: The Power Armor worn by Exalted Custodians and Grandmasters can convert damage taken into a mobility buff, every time they get hit, they will gain +1 mobility, this buff will remain active for the duration of their next turn(so if you hit them during your turn, the buff will be active when it’s their turn), considering they are extremely dangerous in close range, this will have to make you think twice about hitting them.
  • Bulwark Stance: Exalted Custodians and Grandmasters gain increased defense and armor during your turn, however, that means they have less armor and defense during their turn.
  • Sealed Undersuit: Exalted Custodians and Grandmasters are immune to poison and frost.
  • Exalted Reflexes: Exalted Custodians will fire their pistol on any target that moves within 5 tiles of them, so if you used to attack them with Templars by running in and out, you’ll have to think twice about that now.
  • Pistol Charged Shot: Exalted Custodians have an ability where they fire a stronger shot with their pistol, deals it ignores 4 points of armor, and shreds armor on top of dealing more damage, however it has an aim penalty.
  • Hidden Shield Strike: Exclusive to the Grandmasters, it’s a bladestorm attack with their shield, it shreds armor and it ignores up to 5 points of armor.
  • Network Proxy Command: And finally, this is probably what makes the Boss Pod a Boss battle, when activated the Grandmaster will activate a map wide buff that buffs all allied Advent units(not aliens, or chosen or robots), the buff will remain active until the Grandmaster dies.

None at the moment.


Usually i say "it should be compatible with everything", but then it turns out it isn’t, so if you find any compatibility issues let me know.


Vanilla Version?


Do i need to start a new campaign for these dudes?

Just in case i’m going to say "yes", can never be too careful.


You are free to use anything and everything in this mod for your own mods and/or purposes, in fact not only are you allowed, i encourage you to do it.


If you wish to keep up with early previews, updates or simply wish to support me in someway i have set up a Patreon.


Thanks, and hope you enjoy.
As always make sure you post any issues you find in the Bug Report discussion.