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Author: HoneyTheBear

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Why should rangers and sharpshooters have all the fun?

This mod adds variety to the possible rewards for defeating a chosen.
The possible rewards for each chosen now include a primary weapon, a secondary weapon, a grenade, a utility item, an armor, and one "miscellaneous" item.
Upon clearing a chosen stronghold, a research project will open that will award two of these items at random.

Probabilities for each combination can be modified in XComGameCore.ini

I noticed that every campaign I consistently tried to defeat the assassin first to form a bladestorm katana combo, as well as defeating the warlock last because the reward for defeating him was by far the least interesting.
All Items that can be awarded are very powerful, but none are as powerful as katana in my opinion.
Weapon damage and other stats can be modified in XComChosenRewardsConfig.ini

-15 new possible rewards for defeating the chosen
-15 unique reward combinations for each chosen
-Configurable values for everything I could think of
-Vague song references

The full list of items are as follows:
Primary: Arashi
Secondary: Katana
Grenade: Mountain Mist, a superior flashbang that blinds and can be used multiple times.
Utility: Phantom Driver, a device that reduces a soldier’s detection radius, and adds the conceal and phantom abilities.
Armor: Shade Armor, a powerful light armor that allows soldiers to go into overrdrive once per mission.
Misc: Asimov, a gremlin with the power to seize control of an advent MEC or turret.

Primary: Sniper Rifle
Secondary: Darkclaw
Grenade: Stun Grenade, a grenade with a massive radius that stuns targets and destroys cover.
Utility: Hunter Rounds, deadly rounds that increase damage and aim, cause bleeding, and may stun.
Armor: Orion Armor, a powerful light armor that allows soldiers to grapple once every turn.
Misc: Grenade Blaster, a grenade launcher that will not directly damage allies, has a large radius, and can be freely aimed.

Primary: Disruptor Rifle
Secondary: Warlock Psi Amp, a powerful psi amp that can also resurrect one fallen humanoid as a zombie.
Grenade: Psios Grenade, a powerful explosive that also disorients targets.
Utility: Superior Sphere, a device that prevents a soldiers death and returns them to full health. Also a mindshield. It will not be consumed upon usage.
Armor: Fortress Armor, a powerfu heavy armor that grants the fortress and wallphasing abilities.
Misc: Pulse Cannon, a powerful cannon for the grenadier that can destroy cover and armor in a large area once per mission.

Q: Can I put it in a currently running campaign?
A: I sure think so, but backing up files is what smart people do.

Q: These items are overpowered!
A: Probably, but are they more overpowered than a sniper rifle that can fire with one action? I think not. Also, that’s not a question. Also, many item stats are configurable, and you can reduce the probability of finding items you especially don’t like to zero within the config files as well.

Q: What if I want all the rewards?
A: Feel free to use console commands to give them to yourself. The item names are: ChosenShotgun_XCOM ChosenSword_XCOM MountainMistRewardGrenade PhantomDriverItem ShadeArmor Asimov ChosenSniperRifle_XCOM ChosenSniperPistol_XCOM StunGrenade HunterRounds OrionArmor GrenadeBlaster ChosenRifle_XCOM PsiAmp_Warlock PsiosGrenade SuperiorSphere FortressArmor PulseCannon

Q: What is this mod compatible with?
A: There are no overrides, though it does change the loot tables from the chosen stronghold, so it should be compatible with everything that doesn’t rely on the loot tables from the chosen stronghold. As for other mods, If I didn’t make them, I don’t know if they’ll work.

Q: Highlander compatible?
A: That’s a firm "probably". If you notice any issues, please let me know.

Please tell me if there are bugs so I can fix them.

Known bugs (Also I can’t seem to replicate these so they’re gonna take a hot minute to fix):
-The cannon looks so weird with some mods. It probably has to do with AddDefaultAttachment.
-The grenade blaster sometimes has no texture, and the stun grenade sometimes doesn’t do the sparkles correctly. These are both cooking issues, if you know how to make things cook correctly, I would sure appreciate any kind of help.
-All items available to be built for free for some people. Should be patched out? Maybe?

Special thanks to:
Reddit user pabloman, whose save file allowed me to test things easily. <3 who originally wrote the code that makes the grenade blaster work.
MrShadowCX for telling me how to make it work with highlander.

Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen

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