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Ever wonder what XCOM would be like with Superheroes?
Who Watches the Watchmen?

Behold, the Superclasses! Each one balanced with strengths and weaknesses, yet based around a higher standard of capability than any normal soldier. These classes have been designed to be especially powerful while still feeling like they belong naturally in the game. If you need classes ready to take on a challenge, or you wish to have special classes for your own special characters, or you just want some fun variety playing on the game’s mechanics, the Superclasses are at your command.

Class Descriptions:

–Superclass Mentalist: "Equipped with little more than Psionic Gauntlet tech and a Psionic Amplifier, the Mentalist is a master of equilibrium between the mind and the body. From solving the tactical puzzles of combat, or in altering reality with the powerful influence of their mind, the Mentalist’s abilities exceed the expectations of what was previously thought to be impossible."

–Superclass Timekeeper: "With basic training in almost all physical weaponry, the Timekeeper’s true gift is their incredible awareness and even partial control over their perception of time, and maybe even time itself. Though the Timekeeper shows no particular talent in the use of weaponry, the sheer speed and complexity with which the Timekeeper utilizes their tools at any given moment on the battlefield could repel an army with the right tactical direction."

–Superclass Crusader: "Armed with nothing but the time-tested assortments of melee weaponry and small firearms, the Crusader independently holds their own against the enemy in a masterful weaving dance of war. Able to retreat after quick dashing strikes against the enemy or hold their ground in vicious territorial skirmish, the Crusader is at home on the front line."

–Superclass Commander: "Utilizing the ultimate arsenal, the Commander has such a fundamental understanding of tactics and physical weaponry that they can theoretically use any firearm type weapon to its most effective potential. The Commander strategically waits for the right moment and makes every action count, giving allies a tactical edge through carefully issued commands while assassinating key targets."

–Superclass Savior: "The Savior, though carrying almost any weapon of their choice, comes to the battlefield more equipped to heal than to harm. The Savior is the ideal support on the battlefield, able to heal, protect, and resupply at a moment’s notice."

–Superclass Cyberneticist: "Equipped with a wide selection of weaponry and the most advanced of Gremlin drone technology, the Cyberneticist can invent a solution to any problem. From creating new programs and equipment on the battlefield, to cracking any firewall, to even cybernetically augmenting themselves, the Cyberneticist has all the tools they need to thrive in the digital age."

–Superclass Mastermind: "The Mastermind utilizes no directly offensive tactics, instead using their psionic and mental prowess to process the rush of combat for their allies and muddle the cognition of their enemies on the battlefield. Without any specific means of attack, The Mastermind is virtually helpless when alone or unprotected. With nurturing and safeguarding, the Mastermind may grow quickly and develop powerful abilities to bolster teammates and even summon new allies. When in danger, the Mastermind can curb the advantages of the enemy, weakening them at key moments and buying time to gain the upper hand. All in all, the genious and direction of the Mastermind rewards a superior advantage to a worthy commander."

–Superclass Wraith: "The Wraith is the embodiment of danger unseen. Wielding any weapon from the concealment of shadow or utilizing their freakish dexterity to outmaneuver any opponent, the Wraith is the prime example of guerrilla war at its most effective."

–Superclass Anomaly: "Utilizing primary small firearms or melee weaponry and a biotic Psionic Amplifier, the Anomaly has the ability to create psionic disturbances on a scale unmatched by most other beings. Psionics are the lifeblood of the Anomaly, casting Psionic effects and utilizing small devices like a mage with a wand, specializing in little else but mastering the art of turning the enemy into a glowing dustpile. The Anomaly is an unstable being in of itself, wrecking havoc in large areas but yielding sometimes uncontrollable effects."

–Superclass Gadgeteer: "The Gadgeteer specializes in auxiliary devices, excelling in heavy ordinance. Always equipped with a Grenade Launcher, the chemical compositions and enhanced designs of the Gadgeteer’s tools pair with their basic training in all forms of physical weaponry to create a most effective artillary."

This mod makes these classes available at the same rate as regular classes, so bear in mind that in the absence of a mod that for example limits these classes to Faction Soldiers, there is no limit to counter the power of the Superclasses. Inversely, I find this grants opportunity to take on some fun challenges and themes.

I present to you the Superclass Challenge. This challenge is designed to pair the enhanced capabilities of the Superclasses with insurmountable odds to create a thrilling gameplay and emergent storytelling experience. The challenge comes in three difficulty tiers. If it interests you, I highly encourage you to record and publish your playthrough of this challenge, as I am very interested in seeing a story like this play out and growing attached to your heroes.

The Superclass Challenge rules can be found documented here:

The composition of this mod is copied directly from my edits to Richard’s mod "[WOTC] Create Your Own Class Templates". Without his mod, I would likely have never created the Superclasses. Thanks Richard! I highly suggest getting that mod if you want to learn how to create your own classes. Within the files for this mod, I have included documentation for a masterlist detailing all XCOM abilities to reference as well as some mod added abilities, so the list may be referred to for adding abilities to a class. Technically all of the instructions and additional class templates are included within the files of this mod, so feel free to take a look at them and create your own Superclasses!

I hereby grant permission to use the Superclasses for any other project (at least where my authority applies), credit optional as I can’t exactly own ideas and I loathe copyright, but any credit for the work of initially putting the classes together is appreciated.

Enjoy, Commander.