[WOTC] More Will Loss

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Author: Ace

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While browsing through the workshop looking for a mod that would force/encourage me to use more of my barracks, I noticed that there were a few mods that scrapped the will system entirely. However, I didn’t see any mods that made the will system more aggressive. I took this as my opportunity to create a mod that would apply the ‘tired’ effect to soldiers much more often. With this mod you often won’t be able to use the same soldier in consecutive missions–unless they get through the mission with hardly any will loss.


  • Made soldiers acquire the tired effect at 96% will as opposed to 67%
  • Made soldiers become shaken at 70% as opposed to 33%
  • Increased the recovery times of each effect to make them last longer

Recommended Mods

Since your soldiers will be out more often and for longer periods, I recommend the following mods:

More Starting Soldiers (WotC)
All Soldiers Gain XP – WotC

Make sure you configure those mods to make them fit your game because they may be a little OP by default. I’d recommend putting All Soldiers Gain XP at 25% as opposed to 50%. If you don’t want to use More Starting Soldiers, I’d recommend lowering the prices of rookies by about 10 supplies, or just reducing the amount of soldiers that mod gives you.

If you want some progression, [WOTC] Soldier Development is a good one because your soldiers can get a boost to max will upon completing excellent or flawless missions.

Core Room Slots allows you to staff four soldiers into the bar to speed up will recovery.


You can edit values in XComGameData.ini of the mod. Folder should be named "1616925948."

"For anyone using this with larger squad sizes and more enemies, I would recommend lowering the shaken to 60%. This will prevent your soldiers getting shaken on some standard missions (especially if the lost are around) but will still result in soldiers becoming shaken if you take them out for two missions in rapid succession or if things go wrong (a few soldiers are wounded or someone dies)." (~via Ethereal in the comments)


Obviously, this mod will be incompatible with any other mod that changes will percents and recovery times.

Known Issues

Sometimes a soldier will receive a shaken or tired debuff, but it will have no duration, therefore running out as soon as you enter the geoscape. I’m fairly sure this is a base game issue so I don’t think I can fix it. It’s not too common though, so I wouldn’t worry about it.

My Other Mod

[WOTC] One Nation

Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen

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