Reaper Cryptic Hero Class

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Author: Mitzruti

Last revision: 10 Nov, 2018 at 03:10 UTC

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Adds a variant of the Reaper that’s a stealthy psionic. Spooky!

They have a more supportive kit than regular reapers.
All thier special abilities should leave the Cryptic concealed.

Features 3 perks per level and a XCom pool that’s 30 perks deep (4 of which will be available)

Spooky Perk List

Initiate: Shadow, Fortress, Mind Merge, Corpsman
Acolyte:Remote Start, Field Medic or Inspire
Adept: Psi Panic, Quick Patch or Fuse
Disciple: Target Definition, Solace or Soul Merge
Mystic: Disabling Sting, Savior or Malaise
Warlock: Silent Killer, Bastion or Disable
Magus: Shadow rising, Panacea or Teleport

Made Possible by…

PZ — Making alternate hero classes a thing
Favid — Making a ton of awesome perks

The UI mod is only nessecary to make the Cryptic’s PSI score visible. If you’re using some other mod that accomplishes the same thing, that’s fine too.

Update 20181109

Musashi’s stealth overhaul and richard’s perk pack are no longer required.
Instead, my shiny new perk pack provides perks that dont require the stealth overhaul to be stealthy.