Skirmisher Heretic Hero Class

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Author: Mitzruti

Last revision: 17 Mar at 21:03 UTC (1)

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PURGE THE HERE– wait. no.

Ex-priests that turn thier power on thier former masters.

Features 3 perks per level and a XCom pool 30 perks deep.

Perk List

Initiate: Insanity, Suppresion and Grapple
Acolyte: Corrupt, Mind Merge or Cool Under Pressure
Adept: Justice, Inspire, or Area Suppression
Disciple: Stasis, Protection or Disabling Suppression
Mystic: Schism, Soul Merge or Lockdown
Warlock: Judgement, Sustain or Tactical Sense
Magus: Mind Control, Solace or Terrifying Suppression

(corrupt can target people that you’re supposed to be rescueing. consider yourself warned.)

Made Possible By…

PZ — Those sweet psi-blade-amps. And the multiple faction heros mod.
Favid — porting so very many perks.

The UI mod is disposable, if you have some other mod that makes psi visible.


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