[STAR WARS] Grand Admiral Thrawn VoicePack

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Author: Booker DeWitt Esq.

Last revision: 22 Oct, 2018 at 00:51 UTC

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"To defeat an enemy you must know them. Not simply their battle tactics… but their history, philosophy, art."

[WotC compatible]

Hello! I’m glad you’re here!
You know, XCOM is a game about strategy and tactics. And who is the best strategist and tactician in the Galaxy Far Far Away (and other known galaxies)? Of course, this man with blue skin and red eyes. The Chiss warrior. Grand Admiral of the Imperial Navy. Mitth’raw’nuruodo. Or, by his middle name, Thrawn.

I think he deserves to be in this game, so I have made this voicepack. It contains more than 120 lines from ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ series (and one special line, but I hope you will never hear it). Not so many, but I tried at least.

I did my best (really, I’m not so good in all of this, and this is my second voicepack, so don’t hit me pls), but maybe its quality sometimes sucks as I cannot divide background music and Thrawn’s speech on a truly good level. But I still hope you’ll enjoy it.

‘To Do’ List:
– "Radio Effect". Maybe I’ll do it, I even tried but the radio was not quite radio. And… I think the voice is so good without this effect, so I dunno, guys.
– Update the mod and fill it with some new lines. The second part is quite complicated, because I really tried to use all the scenes where Grand Admiral appears. But I could have missed something. Or maybe I will find an audiobook with good, proper voice and add lines from it (i’m kinda lazy for it, but maybe…).

– Hey man, can you do another voicepack? This game is still missing Anakin’s or Obi-Wan’s voices…
– I dunno. Maybe yes, maybe no. And, to be honest, I want this voices to be made by someone better. But I never say never.

– Wow, that’s cool (great / not so bad / just what I wanted / etc.). Can I donate?
– Mate, you will be awesome man if you really will donate me some money. I’m from Russia, I have completely nothing to gain money from right now in the moment, so you’ll help me a looooot.
My PayPal: paypal.me/bookerdewittesq
My WebMoney wallets: Z569224924703 and R655085346250

– Hey, I want this line added: "…"! Can you…?
– Oh, I can! Send me audiofiles, videos with timecodes, I will take a look! More lines is better.

— 19y53m : for good Russian tutorial, I would never have done this pack without it.
— Timothy Zahn : for creating this amazing character, the best in SW.
— Lars Mikkelsen : for the voice. It’s awesome.
— Firaxis : for XCOM. No comments.

P.S. What do you think, could Thrawn defeat those aliens? What interesting could he find in their history, art, style of their armour? Damn, I would gladly replace Bradford’s sometimes annoying lines that we have in the missions with Thrawn’s thoughts.

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