[WotC] RW Realistic One Use Grenades

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Author: krumiro

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;My (cheaper) Grenades, once thrown, don’t magically reappear in the Soldier’s pocket if he’s back alive at the Base but they are realistically destroyed during their own damn explosion and, similarly, my (cheaper) non-explosive throwables (MimicBeacon, Battlescanner) are realistically lost if not repicked up from the floor, yours?

;(and pleeeeease don’t you dare asking where the .ini file is… seriously? 😉 )

;With this Mini-Mod using a Grenade "permanently" removes it from the soldier’s slot. Haven’t you ever noticed that it didn’t make ANY sense that a Soldier could throw that damn SINGLE experimental grenade HUNDREDS of times (once per mission) as long as he doesn’t die (as if Grenades’ longevity absurdly depends on the owner’s longevity???)?… Or that Grenadiers with HighOrdenance/DeepPockets Skill were literally magicians?: "Gimmie that Flashbang Grenade and let’s put it inside this magic hat and… (drums…) ooooplllaaa!! tada!! now I made it become TWO Flashbang Grenades!! (applause… plus a pigeon flying out of the hat too)." If you never noticed the absurdity of it… WHAT’S WRONG WITH YOU!!!??? 😉 Jokes apart… I noticed it from day 1 from XCOM1 and I couldn’t stand it from day 1 and like (most of) you I felt powerless from day 1 against this unrealistic absurdity which was totally ruining the "immersion feeling" into the XCOM world until… one day I decided to learn how to program to mod it out of existence once and for all… 😉 YES, this is what began the famous Mega-Mod… 😉

;Yes!! Since Mimic Beacons and Battlescanners don’t explode then they can be, as in real life, recovered by picking them up as loot (with no timer) after throwing them but they can also be recovered by winning the mission "securing the area" (therefore by "not evacuating" abandoning them behind on the floor). If you abandon them on the floor you won’t be able to take them to the Base to "recharge" them to use them on the next missions… lost forever… 😉

;Since now they’re not reusable any more (when exploded or abandoned) then they obviously should be cheaper to build in order to preserve the strategy balance originally intended by Fireaxis. I thought of 2 methods to make them cheaper and both methods can be used separately or simultaneously depending on the desired result. One method simply reduces the cost down to a chosen fraction of itself. Another method allows to choose the amount of Grenades built with one construction and could be useful in cases in which the other method can’t be used because some costs are already too low and cannot be divided into a fraction of a unit (such as less than 1 Elerium Core for Experimental Grenades or less than 1 FacelessCorpse for MimicBeacons) or for unique items not supposed to be built/paid (such as Frost Bombs).

;Method A (These values also divide the BlackMarket Costs):
ExperimentalGrenadesOfSameKindBuiltWithOneEleriumCore = 4
FrostbombsInitiallyFoundAtScanningSiteOrInitiallyBuilt = 4

;GRENADES WHICH CAN USE BOTH METHOD A AND B (also simultaneously if wished):

;Method A (These values also divide BlackMarket Costs):
PlasmaGrenadesBuiltWithOneConstruction = 4
OtherGrenadesBuiltWithOneConstruction = 1
MimicBeaconsBuiltWithOneConstruction = 1
BattleScannersBuiltWithOneConstruction = 1

;Method B (These values also divide BlackMarket Costs (and Construction Times if activated by my other Mini-Mod "RW Realistic Non Instantaneous Constructions")):
DividePlasmaGrenadesCostBy = 1
DivideOtherGrenadesCostBy = 4
DivideMimicBeaconCostBy = 3
DivideBattleScannerCostBy = 6

;Fireaxis decided to simplify the player’s strategy decisions-load by "not" making you buy a new Smoke Grenade (for example) after each single time you use one, instead the preferred to "make you pay in advance all the ones that a Soldier will use in the average until he dies" so, instead of choosing the Cost of a single Smoke Grenade, they determined the Cost of the total amount which they think that your soldier will ever use (in the average) until he dies, for example: 4. Now, there is no way to guess the amount for each Grenade-type which Fireaxis considered to choose these batch Costs (although Grenades Costs are suspiciously always multiples of 5) so, to choose the correct Cost fractions for this Mini-Mod, just ask yourself: "Without this Mini-Mod how many times in the average did I usually throw that Grenade before losing it by Soldier death?". Personally:
; 4 of each Grenade
; 4(3) of each MimicBeacon (minus 1 now recoverable from the floor)
; 8(6) of each BattleScanner (minus 2 now recoverable from the floor)
;Make Battlescanner even cheaper than the rest because, without this mod, each construction was giving you 2 per soldier

;In Default-XCOM2 (God how much I hate that "vanilla" adjective!) they are Infinite with one single Squad Upgrade Cost and therefore the above options for PlasmaGrenades are useless… BUT… the above options are NOT useless for Plasma Grenade IF you have made them non-infinite with my other Mini-Mod "RW Realistic Non Infinite Constructions"… then remember that in this case you are probably reducing PlasmaGrenades Cost "twice", once in my other Mini-Mod when you divided the "Squad Upgrade" Cost to define the "Single Plasma Grenade" Cost (personally, divided by 5) while making them "Non-Infinite" (but still absurdly reusable after making them explode) and again here when dividing the "Single Plasma Grenade" Cost while very reasonably making them "Destroyable" (personally, divided again by 4).

;HeavyOrdnance Grenadiers and BattleScanners are taken into consideration to finally make those absurdities more realistic: if you equip a Battlescanner (or a Grenade in the GrenadeSlot of a HeavyOrdnance Grenadier) then 2 of them will disappear from the Head Quarters inventory and 2 will appear inside the Soldier’s slot (even though his slot only shows one). When the Soldier comes back from battle alive and you "unequip" that item from its slot, then in the Head Quarters inventory will be added "only the amount that you have not lost in battle" (2 or 1). If the soldier had lost both then there will obviously be nothing to unequip since that slot will show as empty. 😉

;Not a single one. 😉
;You have NO IDEA what freaking magic tricks I had to pull out of my sleeves to make these modifications without any Class Override this time… The secret of how I managed to do it? Simple, when I did these modification I had just begun to learn how to program and had absolutely NO IDEA how to make a class override (I wasn’t even aware of its existence..)

;Please help me to update this list

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