[ABANDONED] [WOTC] Cannon Redux Animations for TLP Cannons

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Authors: Veehementia, Iridar

Last revision: 23 Mar at 20:14 UTC (1)

File size: 94.55 MB

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This mod has been abandoned. For a fully working mod with similar effects, use this one.


For a version using the Vanilla animations, click here.

To have the Magnetic TLP Cannon barrels rotate as you fire, download Iridar’s mod [WOTC] Spinning Barrels for TLP Magnetic Cannon.



Originally named "Why The ♥♥♥♥ Are You Holding A Laser Gatling Like That AND OH MY GOD YOUR FACE IS HALFWAY THROUGH THE BATTERY" but it was too long. Shame.


Greetings, workshop population!

This is the first non-weapon mod I’ve ever made. It basically does what it says in the title: giving Musashi’s Cannon Animation Redux’s animations to the TLP Magnetic and Plasma cannons, adding a reargrip and a foregrip to both as to not let our soldiers grab the air while shooting ayyliens. ‘Cause we don’t want that, now, do we?

This mod can be used in two different ways:
1- To give TLP Magnetic and Plasma Cannons the Cannon Animations Redux animations
2- To substitute the vanilla Magnetic and Plasma cannons models with the TLP ones AND give them the Cannon Animation Redux animations.

By default, the mod is set to function number 1. Instructions on how to switch between these functions can be found in the ReadMe (which you should ACTUALLY READ) which can be found in:


All the inis referenced in the ReadMe can be found inside the Config folder.



– The Plasma Cannon will not play the suppression animation. The enemy will still be suppressed.
– The Laser Cannon will play the Mag Cannon vanilla sound while suppressing enemies.

Working on fixing it. UPDATE: I can’t, for the life of me, find out why the cannons behave this way. I’ll keep looking into it, but it may take a while. If the Suppression animation is important for you, use the Vanilla animations version of this mod, which you can find here. My apologies.



Q: Will you ever add vanilla cannon animations?
A: No. Too much work and possible issues with models. Well, actually, I did. You can find it here!

Q: I have a bug/issue, how can I report it?
A: I’ll open a Bug Report thread, you can ask for help in there. READ CAREFULLY DESCRIPTION AND README BEFORE POSTING.

Q: I don’t quite understand, EVEN AFTER CAREFULLY READING THE DESCRIPTION AND THE README, how to use this mod. How can you help?
A: Drop a comment asking for help and I’ll add you ASAP so we can chat and hopefully resolve the issue.

Q: I have the (WOTC+TLP) Three Tier Cosmetic Weapons – TLP Version and the animatons don’t work properly. What do I do?
A: Nothing. My mod was designed to work with the original TLP cannons, the ones that are in limited supply with the attachments pre-installed. It won’t work with the ones created by that mod. I may add compatibility in a few days, but time is what it is and I have other priorities.

Q: Can I bash on you for your horrible jokes?
A: Why, yes, just don’t comment under the mod, please. Let’s try to keep the comment section clean. My profile is always open for you wonderful people.


Special Thanks:
– Iridar, which is slowly losing his sanity due to my constant pestering and general idiocy.
– Musashi, for providing Cannon Animations Redux and granting me the permission to work with his animations.
– Team CX, ’cause damn, they’re cool, man. Also Highlander. But mostly ’cause they’re cool.

This is it folks. Have fun and blast ’em ayyliens!

Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen - Tactical Legacy Pack
XCOM 2: War of the Chosen

Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.