[WOTC] Tactical Options

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Author: o_siyeza

Last revision: 17 Feb at 13:15 UTC (3)

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This Mod, actally contains little work from myself. I collected fixed or changed several existing other mods, and tried to make them work together in WOTC adding support for ‘MOD Options Menu’. I dont want any credit and I am uploading it simply because I have seen people asking for some of these features.

The idea behid this was to put together several small improvements that allow more strategic options and better management of units in missions in a coherent way. Most of these existed in mods that were not working in WOTC, were not working as intended for me or that i wanted to be able to access in game.

Included features (and my personal contributions) are:

– Interact with objectives does not break concealment : Support Options Menu

– Stabilize a soldier with his own medikit : Support Options Menu, Support BioMedikit from Biobeasts
– Use Medikits from Downed/Dead Soldiers : Support Options Menu, Support BioMedikit from Biobeasts

-[1] Tactical Overwatch (Powerful Overwatch over a focused region) : WOTC Implementation, Support Options Menu, Support for Cannon, Balance Tuning
-[1] Overwatch all/others abilities : Support Options Menu
-[1] Hunker down all/others abilities : Implementation
-[1] Reload All ability (New ability that ignores free reloads and use a fast animation. All units reload at the same time instead of one at a time) : Implementation.
-[1] Evac All ability : On/Off in Options Menu

-[1] Gremlins grab loot remotely : WOTC Implementation, Support Options Menu
-[1] Scouting protocol (Gremlins go to an area revealing it until end of turn) : Support Options Menu
-[1] Infiltration for Gremlins (Cost 1 action, +20 to next hack) : Support Options Menu
– Better Scanning Protocol (No charges, no action cost, 3 turns cooldown) : Implementation

– VIPs are able to grab loot : WOTC Implementation, Support Options Menu
– VIPs can carry an injured soldier : Implementation
– VIPs can stabilize an injured soldier that has a medikit : Implementation

Each feature can be activated/deactivated from the MOD Options Menu.

These are the sources i used and that should receive all credit. These mods may conflict in some way with the this one:
Various Options
Evac All – WotC
Overwatch All/Others WotC
VIPs Grab Loot
Gremlins Grab Loot
Scouting Protocol WOTC
[WOTC] Iridar’s System Infiltration
Smart Overwatch

– Smart Overwatch all (all units reload and overwatch or hunkerdown)
– Free reloads anytime (Sinergy with Reload All)

– Currently, some confuguration changes only take effect on reestarting the game application (I will update each one i fix, that requires an insane coding time, and maybe i will only be able to go through a bunch deppending on my mood and how each feature can be implemented).

Mod Config Support:
[1] : Support In Game Configuration Change (Can be Enabled/Disabled before load a game, new game and before missions in the avenger)
[2] : Need Feedback on when it works
– The rest of features may be only updated upon re-entering the game

Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen

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