[WOTC] Civilians Revamped

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Authors: MrShadowCX, Mr. Nice

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Civilians Revamped:

THANKS: To Mr. Nice for helping on some code to better hide the hidden Faceless from prying mods that give internal stats away.

What this mod does…

All Civilians, friendly, hostile or hidden Faceless now react to the fighting around them. No more hunker in one spot to let the enemy shoot at them turn after turn. The civilians will now run as soon as you get close to (hostiles) or the enemy gets close to (your friendy civilians). Hidden Facelss will also run to better look like they are any other human. Hidden Faceless (in human form) are now set as ONLY humans and no longer alien (in the code).

This means, not only will they now move and act more human, but the other enemies will fire at them as if they were any other human. This better helps them hide and you not know for sure who is who or what is what. All civilians now have 15 mobility up from 12.

why? Well… they do not have weapons nor do they have other heavy gear on. They should be able to run faster/farther. Wouldnt you run and dip, dodge, duck if you was being shot at? I know I would 😉

Hidden Faceless in the field are supposed to be hidden and in disguise right? So other enemies (at least most) would not even know they are Faceless. Its all part of the disguise and ploy to trick you so they now have a smaller % chance to change wheh you are near.

All civilians now have 3 HP and no longer have the "Easy to hit" ability that would allow the enemy to shoot them with ease. Again, if youre runing and hiding, the enemy should not have it easy either. Make them work for the kill I say!!!!!

Civilians on retaliations missions that are in the fog of war will now keep moving so you dont have it easy finding them as well as moving away from the enemies hunting them.

And lastly, no more hostile civilians waiting for you to move at them and then calmly walking away. They now turn and run as soon as they see you coming, try and keep their distance and not be in your way.

Required DLC:

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XCOM 2: War of the Chosen

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