Hero Rebalance – Skirmisher

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Author: chrdr52723

Last revision: 5 Nov, 2018 at 16:33 UTC

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Reworks almost all of Skirmisher’s perks, and add new perks to Skirmisher’s arsenal. Skirmisher now get great mobility from pakour, as well as powerful AP adventage skills like Interrupt and Wrath. Also, Overwatch tree is empowered.

Skirmisher can destroy multiple enemys with his cost-free Ripjack skills. The combo of Wrath-Whiplash-Reckoning-Grapple or Battlelord can devastate a pod, but they are all bound to long cooldowns. So you should carefully decide when to throw all your abilities.

On the other hands, Skirmisher can be built as defensive Overwatch machine. Shoot once more with buffed Waylay, and then endure the storm of enemy attacks with Hawk Agility and Die Hard. This way Skirmisher is extremely stable, but lacks the potential to alpha strike.

Perk List

Marauder – No change.
Justice – No change.
Grapple – No change.
Patience – If a shot is missed, gain +15 aim bonus for next shot. Applies to Overwatch.
Total Combat – In addition to original effect, add 1 tile to grenade radius.
Retribution – Integrated with Reckoning. Slash has 3 turn cooldown.
Tactical Rigging – Same as XCom Perk.
Reflex – Activates once per every turn.
Whiplash – Infinite charge, 4 turn cooldown.
Interrupt – Can activate even when no action points are remaining. Has 5 turn cooldown. If not triggered, cooldown resets.
Judgment – Now applies when shooting at enemy. Will check value nerfed.
Manual Override – In addition to original Effect, permenantly decrease Grapple cooldown by 1.
Hawk Agility – Depending on remaining action points at time of activation of Overwatch/Interrupt/Battlelord, gain 20*AP dodge.
Wrath – Free action. 6 turn cooldown. Increase Ripjack damage by 2.
Waylay – In addition to original effect, now grants 1 additional Overwatch shot.
Calibration – Adds 2 damage to primary weapon. If you activate Overwatch/Interrupt/Battlelord, gain additional +1 damage and +10 aim for that turn.
Battlelord – In addition to original effect, grants 20/30/40 defense depending on armor tier. Has 2 charge. 6 turn cooldown.
Die Hard – Gain +25 dodge. Reduce damage on graze shots by 2/3/4, depending on Ripjack tier.
Parkour – Grants 1 move point whenever you use grapple.

This mod intends to make Skirmisher a powerful hero, as much as vanila Reaper. But this should not be a game-breaking OP. Feedback about balance is more than welcome.

Bug fix
There was a bug that Battlelord/Interrupt causes enemy reinforcement to take full turn after scampering. I spent hard time fixing this bug, just to find out X2WOTCCommunityHighlander already addresses this. Anyway, this mod fixes that bug.

This mod fixes the bug by making Battlelord/Interrupt not react to enemy reinforcement. If you do not like this behavior, and want X2WOTCCommunityHighlander to handle this, remove the line:
+ModClassOverrides=(BaseGameClass="XComGameState_AIReinforcementSpawner", ModClass="XComGameState_AIReinforcementSpawner_BugFix") on XComEngine.ini in the mod config folder.

This mod overrides classes XComGameState_AIReinforcementSpawner and X2Effect_ReserveOverwatchPoints.

This mod heavily modifies perk tree and existing perks of Skirmisher. So other skirmisher perk mods are not likely to work with this mod.

Some mods that use Skirmisher perks, like Skirmisher Heavy Class, will be using the perks from this mod. They will mostly function, but some abilities like Interrupt will be more powerful than the author’s intention.

SWR Hidden Potential WotC confilicts with this mod. To resolve that, replace the Skirmisher section in XComClassData.ini of SWR Hidden Potential WotC with contents in https://pastebin.com/DEaBzu4J.

This mod is meant to be used with new campain. Activating this mod in mid-campain can cause strange behavior which I can’t really fix.

Thanks to RealityMachina. This mod is inspired by Skirmisher Rebalance mod.
Thanks to Pavonis Interactive. This mod uses Hyper Reactive Pupils implementation from Long War Perk Pack.

Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen