Zone-tan Voice Pack

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Author: Waifu_Whaler

Last revision: 3 Dec, 2018 at 13:25 UTC

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This is a Voice Pack of Zone-tan, that "News Reporter" most people won’t admit they ever heard about…

The actual VPK contains a megar ~250 voice clips from the 9 episodes of ZTV news (plus some bonuses), and only like 65% of them are actually used. Due to the fact some sound clips just can’t match any command.

Unlike *some* voice pack that just said random crap when given order, I do try to match up the line with commands that make sense(Like she will said "I am watching you fap" when Overwatch).
But there are still quite some repeats with several different orders as well. (and since she almost never scream, the death sound is quite "special", plus the panic sound is she- Well, the whole thing is just "weird".)

Also, since each ZTV episodes have different voice volume, so matching up everything is a mess I am too unskilled to clean up, if you are extremely picky about every quote "must have the same voice volume", avoid it).

Needless to say, there are some swearing and "bad words", for those who are touchy about that.

This is made with Unreal Editor for WOTC, so the compatibility with Legacy is unknown, I think all Voice packs are compatible anyway.

Actual voice belongs to CAXX (@oilfight)
Zone-tan "belongs" to Zone-Archive