[WOTC] Venom

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Author: hectorzx

Last revision: 3 Dec, 2018 at 17:49 UTC

File size: 77.09 MB

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This mod adds a new enemy variant, Venom.

== Abilities ==

-Regeneration: Venom regenerate 5 HP at start of the turn
-Devastating Blow: Venom do a melee attack that deals 6-9 and stun the taget for 1 action

I may add more abilities in the future

== Stats ==

Aim: 90
HP: 19/22/26/30

== When he appears? ==

He can be a leader at forcelevel 12.
He can be a follower at forcelevel 20.
He can follow: Archon,Andromedon,Gatekeeper and SpectreM2.

== Compatibility ==

This mod should be compatible with any mod.