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Character Limit has been hit and i can nolonger properly describe features in the description, checkout the pinned thread for features not listed here.

  1. Stay Concealed – Carrying or Interacting with Mission Objective will nolonger break Concealment(Demonstrated in the Video Above)
  2. Smoke Grenade Grants Xcom Concealment, enemies will still get the Vanilla bonuses
  3. Evac All – Tell all units in the Evac zone to Evac at the same time
  4. Overwatch All – All Units that can go into Overwatch will, note that Longwatch will be applied before regular Overwatch
  5. Hunker Down All – All Units that can Hunker Down will
  6. Force Nationality Xcom – Changes all Nation flags to the Xcom Logo
  7. Tactical Legacy Pack Weapons Mods – Allows these weapons to be equipped with mods
  8. [Disabled By Default]Tactical Legacy Pack Weapons Clipsize – Change the Clipsize of TLP weapons
  9. Tactical Legacy Pack Unlock – Removes the challenge requirement for the TLP items
  10. Carry Corpses – Soldiers are able to carry non-xcom corpses, EVAC-ing with a corpse gives the corpse as a loot item
  11. Evac Carry Only – Soldiers are able to also only EVAC what they’re carrying and remain in the mission themselves
    Note : That there’s no animation for corpses EVAC’ing on their own, so they will just disappear instead of animate
  12. Civilians Carry – VIPs & other non-military units are able to carry bodies, must be directly controllable.
    Bugs : Civilians will go into a T-pose for a frame after dropping off the carry, this is because they go into weapon-holding animation but they don’t have a weapon
    When they Evac Carry Only, they will stay in carry animation, even tho they don’t have anything, they will return to normal animations when regular animations update, have not found a working fix
  13. Free Corpse Interaction – No action point cost for Pickup and Putdown corpses
  14. Rebalance Demolition – Makes Grenadier’s Demolition ability cost zero action points and only 1 ammo
  15. Rebalance Shieldwall – Makes the W.A.R. Suit’s Shieldwall ability passive similar to the SPARK’s Bulwark
  16. Use Ally MedKit – Downed soldiers’ Medikits can be used by an ally to stabilize the downed soldier
  17. Use Ally MedKit On Self – Downed soldiers’ Medikits can be used by an ally on themself, doesn’t matter if the downed unit is dead or not
  18. Neon – Adds a bunch of bright light colors[1]
  19. More Colors – Adds a bunch of new colors. You can also add in your own colors with HTML values[1]
  20. BattleScanner Rebalanced
    Permanent Reveal – Permanently reveals area where thrown.
    Increase Vision Range – When carried increases soldier’s vision range, stacks with multiple scanners[1]
  21. Remove Weapon Upgrades – Allows you to remove Weapon Upgrades without needing to replace them, requires the Vanilla Breakthrough[1]
  22. Remove PCS – Allows you to remove Personal Combat Sims without needing to replace them, requires the Vanilla Breakthrough[1]
  23. Squad Select – Allows you to go into the Squad Select Screen from the Hangar without a Mission
  24. Unequip Items – Allows quick removal of any loadout items but also for the removal of mod enabled stuff like PCS and Weapon Upgrades[1]
  25. Personnel Count – Shows how many of each Soldier type you have. Uses their class image and allows for modded classes to appear too[1]
  26. Soldier Colors – When a Soldier ranks up from Rookie, their Armor Colors & Pattern will be automatically set for them with the settings in the "XComGame.ini" file, works for DLC classes too[1]
  27. No RankUp Throttling – Soldiers will nolonger be limited to 1 rank up per mission
  28. Overflow Xcom Points – When soldiers cannot rankup anymore you’ll get overflow Xcom Ability Points instead.[1]
  29. Advanced Ability Button – If you have the Training Center, you’ll always get the Advanced Screen when clicking "Soldier Abilities" in the Armory main menu[1]
  30. Grave Stone Marker – When a Soldier Dies/Unconscious/Incapacitated a Marker will appear where their body is actually located, this is to compensate for the game not changing their actual location properly
    Note : The marker can take several seconds to appear.
    Haven’t found a way to make the icon larger programmatically
  31. Additional Unique missions – Increased from 3 to 8.
  32. Unlocks all hats to equip on your soldier regardless of rank(Change in "XComGameData.ini")
  33. 18 New Patterns
  34. 7 New Tattoos
  35. 6 New Face Paints
  36. 2 New Scars
  37. No Single Use Items – RefractionField, SustainingSphere, and OverdriveSerum will have 1 charge per mission instead of being removed from the soldier’s inventory
    [Disabled By Default] Rebalance RefractionField – Has a 5 turn cooldown(Cooldown amount can be changed in the "XComGame.ini" file)
  38. SoldierBonds – Bonds will be represented by an unique BondID and Ribbon Colors[1]
    Note : Not all screens are currently supported. On missions the vanilla bond icon will still appear
    When cycling soldiers in the bondscreen, the initial bond will not update
  39. Show Research Unlocks – When browsing new Research projects, the final unlocks will be displayed in a new panel in the Research screen
    Bugs : When the text would exceed the panel’s height, it will appear outside the panel for 1 frame, haven’t found a fix
  40. Reload All – All Units that can Reload will

All features can be individually toggled On/Off in the mod’s "XComGame.ini" in the Config folder. Backup this file up as future updates will overwrite it.

Controllers are Supported
It should work on existing saves but your mileage might vary.
No Classes Have been overridden.

[1] See the "XComGame.ini" for more info

Check Change Notes for Update Logs

Checkout the pinned thread for features not listed here.

Known Bugs
Crashes on last mission start; post the intro cinematic. Dunno why, can’t find the source of it, just somewhere in the mod.