[WOTC+Vanilla] Flexible Shieldwall

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Author: Astral Descend

Last revision: 21 May, 2018 at 16:37 UTC

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Vanilla shieldwall is an absolutely useless skill. This mod exposes some built-in options and does some other rework in order to make it more viable but still balanced. By default it does the following:

* Makes it a free action
* Removes the deactivation on move/ability use
* Makes it last 2 turns
* Adds 5 turn cooldown
* Add defense equvalent to high cover and removes default flank crit bonus

Note that this mod uses code from -bg-‘s Better Shieldwall for last point and thus suffers from same limitation – it doesn’t actually give high cover so skills like hunter’s instinct or hit and run will still proc on shieldwalled unit.

Also note that this mod will upgrade defense bonus to high cover, it won’t stack with existing high cover. It also doesn’t change the description on ability so it still mentions that moving will cancel the effect.

All changes done by this can be easily configured in ini file (see last screenshot)

Mod compability: this mod uses community highlander to directly patch the effect provided by shieldwall so it should be compatible with pretty much everything

Big thanks:

* -bg- for allowing to reuse code from his mod
* robojumper and other members of modding discord for guiding on how to start making mods

Note that screenshots were made in modded vanilla and a couple of other mods can be seen – LWPP, Cost-based ability colours, Perfect Information and others. Those are not included in this mod and neither are required for it to function.