Black Market Resale Prices

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Author: ADVENT Avenger

Last revision: 12 Nov, 2018 at 00:33 UTC

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Allows editing all the prices in the Black Market.

Default comes preloaded with my personal settings, balanced on the vanilla WOTC values.

Vanilla values are included so you can edit quickly and efficiently in file comments. I also included manufacturing costs (if an item costs 1 Elerium Core and 2 ADVENT corpses plus 50 supplies, the manufacturing cost counts the value of all these items in supplies if you sold them separately, in this particular case 94). This is to make sure you dont end up in a situation where you are selling something you can make for more than it’s costing you to make since build times and instant it’s not wise.

My Nanofiber vest resale price is stuck at 10 supplies whatever I put in. I don’t know why, the code is not different from other items.

-= FIXES =-
The base game doesnt allow you to sell Refraction Fields. It’s fixed.

Only touches the costs of items, should work with everything.

You should disable ITEMS OF INTEREST so the game doesn’t kick the price over the threshold for some items every month. When the Black Market is interested in ELERIUM or ALLOYS, you’ve won the broken game jackpot.
This mod doesn’t do that by default, you’ll need to edit your INI files.

C:Program Files (x86)SteamsteamappscommonXCOM 2XCom2-WarOfTheChosenXComGameConfig
NumInterestItems[0]=0 ;Easy
NumInterestItems[1]=0 ;Normal
NumInterestItems[2]=0 ;Classic
NumInterestItems[3]=0 ;Impossible

And just in case:
InterestPriceMultiplier[0]=1 ;Easy
InterestPriceMultiplier[1]=1 ;Normal
InterestPriceMultiplier[2]=1 ;Classic
InterestPriceMultiplier[3]=1 ;Impossible

Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen