40K Names For Soldiers

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Authors: MrShadowCX, DimDim

Last revision: 12 Nov, 2018 at 00:57 UTC

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40k Names For Soldiers is a real quick easy mod that takes all base game countries, and replaces the soldier generated name lists with 40k style name lists for all those nations. This mod can be used as a stand alone and or with the Warhammer 40,000: Armours of the Imperium mod.

For those of you wanting to add other 40k soldier types along side your Marines and Sisters, like the Imperial Guard… you can now use the base game nations as your Guard pool and they will be generated with 40k style names. Both male and female alike.

If you sub to this mod while in an active game, all generated soldiers that have names before this mod, will keep their current names. Only newly generated NON Marine or Sister soldiers will get these names. For those wondering, the Armours of the Imperium mod, already has this added for all Marine and Sister soldiers. Again, this is just to fill in all other soldiers with 40k names.

As of now this adds over 150 male first names, over 200 male last names, over 200 female first names and over 200 female last names. MORE TO COME!

NOTE: Hero Faction soldiers are not yet added to these name lists. Most of the Hero Faction’s name lists already have some quite unique names. But Ill be updating this with plenty of new names over time.

While the preview pic shows it for WOTC, being its just name generation for countries… this really should work for vanilla as well.

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