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Author: ADVENT Avenger

Last revision: 24 Jan at 03:07 UTC (1)

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Smoke doesn’t suck anymore.

Being in a smoke cloud now provides a 35 Aim Penalty to the attacker, a 35 Dodge bonus to the target and negates 35 of the attacker’s crit chance (which is usually what Flanking provides, and is thus an emulation of the old school XCOM EU/EW grenade effect).

Smoke Grenade and Smoke Grenade MK2 description updated. Also fixed a wrong statement in MK2 stating that it gives more defense, which was never the case. All smokes provide the same maluses, the MK2 is bigger and can be thrown farther only.

Why yes I’m glad you asked. It’s all in the INI file. All 3 effects are customizable.

C:Program Files (x86)Steamsteamappsworkshopcontent2685001557993133ConfigXComSmokeConfig.ini

I also suggest making a slight tweak to the grenades themselves and increasing both of the regular and MK2 radius by 1. This is NOT done by this mod.

I use a 50/35 cover system value, so I put in 35 as the default bringing the total to 85 defense. Put whatever you seem fit, but even in a 40/20 unmodded XCOM 2 scenario it doesn’t feel overpowered (would bring smoke+full cover to 75 and around 100 if Hunkered Down).

-= NOTES =-
I considered making the Smoke Cloud also give a "Darkness" style visibility penalty, but it cannot apply to people outside looking in, only to people in looking out and I don’t think it’s fair.

This was surprisingly easy to do. Overrides:
X2Effect_SmokeGrenade:GetToHitAsTargetModifiers and
X2Item_DefaultGrenades:X2Effect SmokeGrenadeEffect.

Most importantly, it works with -bg-‘s excellent EU AIM Mod.
I highly suggest Hybrid Crit mode for Dodge.

My mod ignores the old game INI SMOKE_HITMOD, so don’t use it.

The way this mod is coded, any custom effect that adds smoke will also work (for example, if a mod creates a SmokeMK3 grenade and uses the base game code, this mod will apply to it.)

Isn’t that a sweet mod preview pic? I took it by complete accident, I didnt know the Vektor reticle removed smoke for visibility.

I recommend Reliable Smoke. Put the flanking setting to OFF because it’s already handled by my mod.

Required DLC:

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XCOM 2: War of the Chosen

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