RPG Overhaul – Shadow Ops and Much More

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Author: bstar

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This mod adds 20 new specializations for Musashi’s amazing RPG Overhaul mod. These specializations contain 140 perks from Shadow Ops, Favid’s Extended Perk Pack, MINT, A Better Barracks, Long War 2, Richard’s Classes, the base game and a few custom ones, giving you an incredible number of new options to customize your soldier’s builds to your heart’s desire.


There are a lot of them and I didn’t want to post that gigantic wall of text here, so if you’d like to read about the perks and specializations in this mod, you can find them in this thread.

Recommended Mods:
  • Extended Explosives Tweaks – This mod is not required, but without it, the Combat Engineer specialization will be missing two perks and the Sapper perk will not be useful. I highly recommend giving this a try!
  • Ballistic Shields – This mod is not absolutely required, but without it, most of the Protector‘s perks are not useable. They’re awesome, even more so with Favid’s perks, so no reason not to get them!
  • Skirmisher Rebalance – This makes some of the base game Skirmisher perks, some of which are used by this mod, more competitive.

Thanks and Credits:

Favid for porting the ShadowOps and LW2 Perk Packs to WOTC, for his own awesome perk pack which adds even more interesting and fun perk options and for providing valuable feedback on this mod. Huge thanks to you!
Musashi for making RPG Overhaul which made me want to start modding.
Pavonis Interactive for making Long War 2 and all the perks that came with it.
Xylthixlm for the original ShadowOps mod, XModBase and many icons used in this mod.
Ziodyne for the MINT perks.
Ketaros for a bunch of cool custom class icons.
DerBK for the perks I stole from ABB.
Richard for the Repair Protocol perk.
Mister Gruffle for his feedback on this mod, for writing some nice localizations for the specializations and for his highly entertaining XCOM 2 series.

The perk trees are a work in progress and may be changed in the future. Feedback is greatly appreciated so if you have suggestions on how to improve the balance of this mod or if you find bugs, please leave a comment in the appropriate discussion thread.

Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen