[WOTC] Increase Pod Size By Force Level

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[WOTC] Increase Pod Size By Force Level

This mod increase the size of the pods based in the Force Level.
The sizes of the pods are increased by 1 at force levels: 7,13 and 19. That increased if affected by a chance of 75%; check "How do i configure the mod – EXAMPLE".

This mod is CONFIGURABLE and to do it you will need MCM.

=== FAQ ===

Q: What are pods?

A: Pods are the ‘groups’ of enemies you encounter in tactical missions. Normally they can range in size from a single unit to a dozen, depending on difficulty and the type of enemy units in that pod.

Q: What is the Force Level?

A: The force Level is the power of the aliens, each 10,5 days (15 on legend) the force level will increase by 1 and more powerful aliens will join the fight. The force level start at 1 and end at 20.

Q: How do i configure the mod?

A: You can have up to 4 rules. When a rule is meet, the size of the pods will be increased X% of the times, you can make it 100% so everytime the pod size will be increased.
You can change the ‘MinForceLevel’ which means that when the force level is equal or higther than that the size of the pod will have a chance to be increased, that chance is set in ‘Percentage’.
When the next rule is meet the rules before increase the pod size by 1, even if the chance is 0%.


With the default settings(Img-2):
-When the force Level is 7, each pod have a 75% chance to increase his size by 1.
-When the Force Level is 13, each pod size will be increased by 1 and will have a 75% chance to be increased by an additional +1(2 total)
-When the Force Level is 19, each pod size will be increased by 2 and will have a 75% chance to be increased by an additional +1(3 total)

The max force level is 20, so putting it over it will never meet the rule.

=== Update 1.1 Independent rules ===
Increase the size of pods by a % scaled by Forcelevel
StarForceLevel: 5
Percentage increase: 10
At forcelevel 12 there will be a 10*7 (Start at 5, so 12-5 = 7) 70% of getting the pod increased by 1.

StarForceLevel: 1
Percentage increase: 30
At forcelevel 12 there will be a 30*12 360%.
That means pods increased by 3 and a 60% chance to by increased by another +1

Q: Reinforcement pods?

A:This mod does not (currently) modify the size of reinforcement pods. There is an update to the Highlander that is in the works, and when that goes through, this mod will start automatically affecting reinforcements pods, with no further update needed.

=== Advanced configuration ===

In the folder of the mod, there are a ini file where you can set any mission type to not take effect of this mod, where you can find some examples.

=== Requirements ===

* Requires WOTC.
* Requires XCOM2 Community Highlander: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1134256495
* Requires MCM: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=667104300 (Optional)

=== Compatibility ===

* Does NOT require a new game. Removing this mod should also restore Pod sizes to their defaults in an ongoing game.
* This mod does not change or alter in any way any ini file, this mod adds more units to pods based on the rules of the ini files. This mod does not change any pod composition, just add more enemies to that pods, so this mod should work with any mod that modify the pod composition.
* This mod is not compataible with Diverse Alien Pods WOTC, which this mod is based on.

=== Thank to ===

This mod is based and use part of the code of Diverse Alien Pods WOTC: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1535962428&searchtext=diverse made by @Ginger.

=== Update 1.1 ===

-Added new rules to increase the size of pods by a percertage for each forcelevel
-New Ambush missions filter
-New SITREP Surgical filter (max 3 soldiers)

Required items:

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