[WOTC] Mass Effect Omni-Blade

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Author: Scout Trooper

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What are you going to do, when your rifle inevitably overheats? The sane answer would be "pull out my pistol" or, worst case scenario, "go for my knife". Well, fear not, as the brave engineers of Systems Alliance looked into the problem, and found a… different solution – you would carry a ginormous blade in battle! Now, calm down, it’s not as bad, as it sounds. Uur microfabrication technologies allow you to 3D-print that blade any time you require it, so you wouldn’t have to bear with the additional burden of a medieval weapon on your back!

"This disposable silicon-carbide weapon can be forged by an omni-tool’s fabricator. The transparent omni-blade is suspended in a mass effect field safely away from the user’s skin and warning lights illuminated the field so the searing blade only burns the intended enemy."

– Mass Effect 3’s iconic weapon – the Omni-Blade – as an alternative to Ranger’s sword – also should work with any modded class, that can carry swords.
– Sound effects ripped from ME3
– Custom deployment animation, attack animation based on Skirmisher’s ripjack
– Built in "Slash" ability, to stay functioncal even with non-Ranger classes, if you have a mod for that
– All three tier levels, with similar stats to swords, but marginally higher crit chance/crit damage on T2 and T3 to offset the lack of stun/fire chance
– Configurable stats via INI

– Guaranteed to have a side effect of having two "Slash" abilities on Ranger, as the melee ability is built in the weapon, in case it is added to any class, that lacks Ranger’s built-in melee attack.

XCOM2 Modding Community – for all the guides you can find on everything
Bioware/EA (Mass Effect 3) – Weapon model and textures, as well as SFX
Cavity – Mass Effect armor sets, seen in screenshots
Lord_Poncho57 – most of Mass Effect weapons, seen in the screenshots

Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen

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