[WOTC] Rocketeer Class

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Author: Alpha115

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So the point of this class is pretty straightforward. I like rocket launchers, and thought why not try and make a rocket launcher class. Iridar has made a pretty amazing Rocket Launcher mod https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1775963384 this mod is compatible with it and can used it. If you don’t download it well the class can use the Wrist Rocket Launcher instead but then dont put skill points into the Anti Armor tree since its the tree built to specialize in using Iridar’s Rocket Launchers.

GTS Perk: Ablative Armor: Your gear includes an extra layer of protection, granting four extra points of Ablative HP and 50% less damage from explosive attacks.

Primary: Bullpup rifle, Assault Rifle
Secondary: Iridar’s Rocket Launcher, or the MK2 Wrist Launcher ( A wrist Rocket Launcher, deals less damage and has more limited ammo but no movement speed penalty)

Rocketeer Abilities
Squaddie: Executioner (improved crit chance and aim on weakened targets), and Gun Strike (hit someone with your gun)

Anti Armor Tree
Corporal: Long Haul (Reduces the movement penalty from carrying rockets by a small amount.)
Sargeant: Heavy Ordnance
Lieutenant: Steady Hands
Captain: Steady Rockets (You can steady yourself to give you a small boost to aim with your rockets.)
Major: Volatile Mix
Colonel: Extra boom (you carry one additional rocket into battle for each rocket equipped)

Soldier Tree
Corporal: Open Fire (Gives a 45% chance to take a free reaction shot at newly revealed enemies when not concealed.)
Sargeant: Punisher (Allows melee attacks to deal critical damage.)
Lieutenant: Fortify (Activate to grant +20 defense until the beginning of the next turn. Does not cost an action. Has a 5-turn cooldown.)
Captain: Weapon Specialist (Deal +2 damage with primary weapons.)
Major: Puglist (Grants +3 Damage and +10 Aim on melee attacks.)
Colonel: Kinetic Plating (Missed shots against you grant you a small amount of Abative armor)

Wrist Rocket
Corporal: Guided Rocket (Fire an advanced guided Shredder Rocket with an small blast radius.)
Sargeant: Spare Rockets (You can carry extra rockets into battle)
Lieutenant: Concussive Rocket (Fire a special concussive rocket which has a high chance to either stun or disorient targets in an area.)
Captain: Javelin Rockets (your rockets travel 33% farther.)
Major: Heavy payload (All rocket attacks deal +1 additional damage).
Colonel: Bunker buster (Fire a powerful anti armor/Building rocket)

If you like this class mod, go give my other ones a look. They all add an interesting theme and feel to them.

Thanks to Favid and his perk pack, This class uses one of his new perks.

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XCOM 2: War of the Chosen
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