[WOTC] Pharmacist Class

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Author: Favid

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[WOTC] Pharmacist Class

The Pharmacist is a support class tasked with healing allies and inflicting status effects on foes. They are armed with an Assault Rifle and a unique secondary weapon called the Stim Gun. The Stim Gun can be used to fire Recovery Stims at allies and Venom Stims at enemies. As one can probably guess, the Recovery Stim acts as a ranged medikit heal, while the Venom Stims are guaranteed to hit their target and inflict Poison. The per-mission charges for these abilities can be increased by equipping more medikits. Pharmacists also start with the Stimulate ability, letting them remove mental status effects from an adjacent ally once per turn. Think of them as being half way between a Specialist and a Medic, with some powerful crowd control abilities.

Unfortunately my artistic skills are lacking, so the Stim Gun model and effects are just those of the default Pistol. I know it’s a bummer, but hopefully you can enjoy this class despite that.

Skill Tree

Doctor – Focus on staying mentally fit and alive, while applying heals to allies.
Assistant – Focus on flanking, taking down aliens, and buffing allies.
Dealer – Focus on applying poison and other status effects.

Recovery Stim – Fire a dart at an allythat applies a medikit heal. Also grants Stabilize Stim, allowing you to stabilize an ally who is bleeding out. Does not end the turn when used as a first action.
Venom Stim – Fire a dart that poisons the target. Deals no damage but is guaranteed to hit. Does not end the turn when used as a first action.
Stimulate – Once per turn, you may remove mental impairments from a nearby ally.

Survivor – Guarantees you will always bleed out on your first death on a mission, and reduces your wound recovery time.
Dedication – Free action. Activate to ignore reaction fire and gain a mobility bonus.
Pins and Needles – Venom Stims do some guaranteed damage, which increases with Stim Gun tier.

Steadfast – Grants immunity to disorientation, mind control, and panic.
Maim – Fire a shot with your Assault Rifle that immobilizes the target for a turn.
Bloodlet – Standard shots with your primary weapon now cause Bleeding.

Over the Counter – Gain 2 additional Recovery Stim uses.
Nitro Stimulant – Fire a dart at an ally granting them bonus critical chance and mobility.
Under the Counter – Gain 2 additional Venom Stim uses.

Quick Stims – Activate this before using a Stim, and your next Stim will not cost an action.
Predator – Grants an aim and critical chance bonus against flanked targets.
Neurotoxin – Venom Stims now also disorient the target.

Savior – All healing abilities (including Recovery Stims and Combat Clinic) heal 4 additional hit points.
Focus Stimulant – Fire a dart at an ally that grants them a large aim bonus.
Increased Dosage – Poison applied by you deals more tick damage.

Lingering Effects – Recovery Stims also grant health regeneration for a few turns.
Flatline – Fire a shot with your primary weapon, dealing increased damage and applying rupture.
Warning Shot – Fire your primary weapon just over the target’s head, causing them to panic. This attack deals no damage.

Combat Clinic – Fire a Recovery Stim at all allies that you can see.
Cold Blooded – The first primary weapon shot you take against an enemy suffering from bleeding, poison, burning, or acid burning does not cost an action.
Toxic Cloud – Grants a special dart that functions as a normal Venom Stim against the target, but also releases a large poison cloud in an area around them. Enemies in the area of effect take damage as if they were shot by a Venom Stim.


Design and implementation: Favid
XModBase: Xylthixlm
Ability icons: .vhs, Xylthixlm, Favid
Preview image: bstar, Favid

Required DLC:

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XCOM 2: War of the Chosen

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