[WOTC] Sectoid Abductor

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Authors: conradbinnersley, ObelixDk, MrShadowCX

Last revision: 27 Apr at 05:56 UTC (3)

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— Mod by Team CreativeXenos —
— Blender, SDK and Rigging : Super awsome totally not fat just big boned : ObelixDk —
— Maya, PhotoShop and textures: HulkCX —
— VFX, SDK: .vhs —
— Coding, art and conceptual idea : Shadow79 —

— Special thanks to Robojumper for helping with bug fixes —

What is the Sectoid Abductor?

The Sectoid Abductor is a play on the classic abduction stories of old. They came for me, and beamed me up to their ship, stories. The Abductor has had a bit of a texture redesign to look somewhat more like the classic Grey but with added "stuff". Why? Just because we think it looks cool. The scary human teeth are gone and back is the more classic looking Sectoid mouth. The Abductor is still weak vs Melee. It can still do everything the base game Sectoid can. The changes are…

. Its reanimated Zombies do not die when it dies.

. 3 to 5 more HP than the base Sectoid (depending on Diff level)

. Its weapon is a bit more powerful. 1 more damage early game but there is also a late game version with stronger weapoon.

. Is immune to Mental attacks

. Has a Stun shot with its beam weapon. If it can stun a soldier or in any way find a stunned soldier in its line of sight…it will make that soldier a priority. If 2 or more are in play, one will try and stun and the next will try and abduct your soldier. This abduction is not set to turns like the Chosen’s kidnap. If you have a stunned soldier and you see Sectoid Abductors, you need to kill, stasis or in some way shut them down. Stand blade storm soldiers next to your vulnerable soldiers to protect them. the Abductors will try and snacth them ASAP. They are not interested in long drawn out fights. They are there to grab a soldier and run.

. Being the stun shot is just that and does not do damage, it can still stun a Templar who tries to parry.

The Sectoid Abductor will first start to show up at Force Level 5 and throughout the game.

Have fun and protect your vulnerable soldiers. This mod is not meant for the casual player so please no complaining that you did not know your soldiers would be taken if left alone lol.

Sectoid Abductors can show up in greater numbers in an Abduction SitRep that only happens during Retaliation missions and can also be summoned in by chosen.

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Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen

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