[WOTC] ARC Weapon Pack

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Author: Lord_Poncho57

Last revision: 8 Oct, 2018 at 15:46 UTC

File size: 51.45 MB

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Disclaimer: I’m not a professional 3d artist. If you think you can do better, I’m more than willing to rig whatever you create.

With that out of the way, I decided to create a Westar M5 rifle, and DC-15 Commando pistol for Republic ARC Troopers. I know the pistol is fairly large, but that’s the scale from the 2003 CW series.


•Westar M5 and DC-15C
•Textures done by me (For better or worse)
•Blue lasers


•See vanilla stats

Known issues:

•Clipping issues with the rifle in the armory. Nothing I can do AFAIK, it’s fine in combat though
•Pistol has no ammo when first spawning, and needs to be reloaded before it can fire. HOWEVER, it shouldn’t be an issue as the issue has occured on past weapons and clears up with another load.


•Condensed Turtle Flesh – Particle effects
•Free Radical – Westar M5 model
•Me – DC-15C, and westar textures
•Lucasarts – SFX