Tali’Zorah Voice Pack (Scourge’s Edition) [WotC Compatible]

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Author: WhiteScourge

Last revision: 11 Sep, 2017 at 13:13 UTC

File size: 45.81 MB

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After endless and tiresome nights and wasted nerves (literally), I re-made the voice pack using robojumper’s script and cleaning out some obnoxious lines and moving them to somewhere else. Oh, and I removed ‘Immersive Tali’, instead making it the only version of it.

Oh, and support for WotC classes, yay!


Our favorite quarian is in the Resistance!

This voice pack features around 350+ voice lines of Tali’Zorah with added radio effect. No mentions of her name, Mass Effect Lore and Chiktikka vas Paus, eh.


Yeah, I know, there’s already a voice pack of Tali on the workshop, but without being disrespectful to the original authors (illequine & Emmote), I consider mine to be updated version with more voice lines and added radio effect.

Firaxis for their great game
Bioware & Electronic Arts.
Ash Sroka – Tali’Zorah
robojumper – their special script

This voicepack also utilizes robojumper’s voice pack script. This one is a life saver, and I definitely recommend it to anyone who didn’t hear about it and is a voice pack modder.


Feel free to rate and subscribe, and favorite, and comment, and whatever else you wanted to do. You’re free to do it. Even download it. And even point out any issues or mistakes I’ve made. Cuz I probably did a one or two.