[WOTC] Shadow Ops Perk Pack

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Author: Favid

Last revision: 5 Nov, 2018 at 23:53 UTC (2)

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[WOTC] Shadow Ops Perk Pack

This is a port of the classes and perks from the Shadow Ops LW2 Class Pack. By default, this mod will disable the eight WOTC LW2 classes, replacing them with the Combat Engineer, Dragoon, Hunter, Infantry, Juggernaut, Recon, Scrapper, and Survivalist from the Shadow Ops mods.

Because this is the first release, I highly recommend that you DO NOT play on Ironman. I will not be held responsible for any broken saves. Additionally, this mod is intended to be used with new campaigns, and I will not provide support for any issues that are caused by installing or uninstalling it mid campaign.


Combat Engineer
The Combat Engineer carries a shotgun and a grenade launcher for maximum destructive potential. Go down the Pioneer path to blow away cover with Breach and deal devastating criticals with Precision Shot and Aggression, or take the Sapper path and clear obstacles with Demo Grenades and protect allies with Dense Smoke.

The primary defensive class, the Dragoon’s signature GREMLIN ability Shield Protocol grants allies damage-absorbing energy shields. Build a Paladin to stand in the front lines absorbing damage with Tank and blowing away cover with a cannon Barrage, or create a Ghost to go undetected with Covert and cloak allies with Stealth Protocol.

The Hunter’s unorthodox combination of sniper rifle and sword makes them deadly at any range. The Marksman path can execute devastating ambushes with First Strike and then vanish with Fade, while the Tracker can fight on the run with Snap Shot and Double Time while detecting enemies beyond line of sight with Tracking.

The Infantry’s job is simple: shoot enemies. Bring a Rifleman to rain bullets with Light ‘Em Up and take precision arc thrower shots with Stun Gunner and Electroshock, or take a Support to provide constant overwatch with Ready for Anything and extra healing with Field Medic.

The main problem with the Juggernaut is deciding how to kill the enemies: with a cannon plus the gauntlet’s rocket launcher and flamethrower, there are a lot of options. Go Strike for close-range flamethrower and cannon destruction with Quickburn and Eat This!, or Siege to fire rockets and bullets at enemies beyond visual range with Fire In The Hole and Squadsight.

A dedicated scout class, the Recon is well suited for either small-team stealth missions or supporting larger squads. The Vanguard excels in flanking with Hunter’s Instincts and Shadowstep, while the Spotter stays hidden with Covert and paints enemies with the holotargeter with HiDef Holo.

The Scrapper is a close-quarters combat specialist. Its signature ability, Bull Rush, can stun an enemy unit from anywhere in dash range. The Thug follows up with powerful shotgun attacks with Close and Personal and Hit and Run, while the Brawler prefers to finish foes off with the combat knife with Bare Knuckle.

The Survivalist is a defensive sniper, able to neutralize multiple enemies each turn. Its backup sawed-off shotgun makes it quite capable at short-range combat, too. The Sentry can take overwatch shots even after firing or moving with Watchful Eye, while the Raider strikes panic into enemies’ hearts with Fearsome.

Changes from the LW2 version
  • Iron Will now gives +20 Will (down from +50) because of how much stronger the Will stat is in WOTC.
  • Sonic Beacon has been replaced with Noise Maker (grants two free ultra sonic lure items to the owner). I couldn’t get Sonic Beacon working because I’m bad at AI scripting, so I had to compromise with this.
  • Does not add any additional items.

Full Ability List

Above is a full list of all of the abilities this mod adds. Not all of them are used in the eight classes, so modders may want to take a look and see if there are any unused ones they want to use for their own stuff. The ones that are marked untested are unused and mostly superceded by newer versions. They should still work, but if anyone finds issues with ones that they want to use please let me know and I’ll see if I can get them working.


XComGameData_SoldierSkills.ini contain tons of configration values for these abilities.


Contains no class overrides, so no major conflicts there. Some abilities may have unexpected functionality if used along other mods that make changes to the same related abilities.

  • PZ’s Skirmisher Heavy Class – Some abilities that refund action points (Fastball, Smoke and Mirrors) will not work correctly with this mod installed.

Known Issues
  • There may be some unexpected gameplay and balance consequences with getting multiple abilties from the same rank through the Training Center.
  • The classes added by this mod do not have access to all of the same Photobooth poses as the base game classes.
  • Phalanx Protocol – Gremlin doesn’t always return to the user after animation completes (visual bug only).
  • Renewal Protocol – Target performs the ‘recovering from knockout’ animation even if they weren’t knocked out (visual bug only).
  • Barrage – Environmental damage is inconsistent.

Recommended Mods

Long War SMG Pack – WotC (unofficial)
The Recon class is designed to use the SMG (without this mod they will just use Assault Rifles).

High Quality Rounds [WotC + Vanilla]
The Infantry class gets a free ammo slot, but the base game doesn’t have any ammo items to use in the early game. High Quality Rounds fills this void nicely.

Mod Troubleshooting

Please see the Frequenty Asked Questions discussion for… frequenty asked questions. This is also a good general guide for fixing mod problems:


Anyone is free to use anything in this mod for any project they’d like, as long as credit is given and money is not involved.


Original design and implementation: Xylthixlm
War of the Chosen port: Xylthixlm and Favid
Ability icons: .vhs

If I forgot anyone, please let me know and I will update this.

Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen

Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.