Rising Tides: The Program

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Rising Tides is a faction mod. It adds the Program, an illusive organization that has aided XCOM in the past, to the game.

NOTE: Please check the pinned discussions for bug reports and the mod’s changelog.

There are several benefits to allying yourself with the Program. Most importantly, in return for your support, the Program was grant you One Small Favor each month, allowing a team of Program operatives to pick up the slack for one non-story mission. These operatives have access to highly advanced technology and training, and will grow similarly to your own soldiers over the course of the campaign. Successful missions will help you grow your relationship with the Program, allowing access to other powerful Strategy Cards, such as Resistance Sabotage, which grants an additional Card Slot to all other factions, or Old World Training, which decreases the detection radius of your soldiers.

The Program operatives are hero classes; each is incredibly powerful, and at the later ranks, a pair of them can defeat almost anything XCOM2 has to offer. All of them are psionic hybrid classes, and do not hold the Psi Amp. As such, they all share a suite of psionic abilities, including familiar perks like Mind Control, but also new and powerful perks such as Meld and Mind Wrack.

Meld: The Meld is a psionic gestalt the Rising Tides soldiers can form with one another. Under the influence of the meld, soldiers pool their Psi Offense and Will stats together. Many perks in the soldiers trees interact with the meld, and losing it can be a serious problem. The Meld can be lost by entering a negative mental state, such as excessive bloodlust, panic, or feedback.

Mind Wrack : Instantly kill an enemy organic unit within range and line of sight. Suffer Feedback for a significant duration, during which the unit cannot take any actions.

The soldiers are as follows:

Queen, a stealthy melee assassin. Her Squaddie perk is Bump in the Night, which grants Stealth after killing a nearby enemy. Additionally, it grants a stack of Bloodlust if it was a melee kill. Notable non-capstone perks on her tree include Reprobate Waltz, which grants her a chance to repeat any melee attack, and Shadow Strike, a true melee teleport attack.

Whisper, a long-ranged damage dealer and technical expert. His squaddie perk is Scoped and Dropped, which negates the distance penalty for squadsight and negates the action point cost of his shots if they kill exposed targets. Notable non-capstone perks on his tree include Every Moment Matters, which gives him a guaranteed Critical Hit on the last bullet in his magazine, and Heat Channel, which allows him to reload his weapon for free when using a psionic ability, as well as reducing the cooldown of the casted ability by one for each bullet reloaded.

Nova, a psionic support unit and caster. Her squaddie perk is Over the Shoulder, an active ability that, when cast, creates a massive aura that surrounds her and grants vision of enemy units that are within it. Notable non-capstone perks on her tree include Sovereign, which allows her to interrupt any psionic attack made by a unit affected by Over the Shoulder, and Triangulation, which allows her to cast Over the Shoulder from melded allies.


The Program operatives wear armor from the Mass Effect: Andromeda Armor Pack. You don’t technically need it, but the operatives will look silly. All other requirements are actually required. As for issues with other mods, there shouldn’t be any.

WTF, these classes are so OP!
By design. You can only use them once per month.

I looked at the source. What is your IQ, 3?

Your references are cringey.

Special Thanks

Pavonis Interactive, for several helpful classes and perks that my classes use.
robojumper and Musashi for technical support.
xylthixlm for technical support and tactical icon pack.
LurkerGG for the class icons.
Davis Productions for a certain sound effect.
GITS: First Assault Online for a perk icon.
.vhs for the Program Logo.
E3245 for the porting the Andromeda armor.
ne|V|esis for the strategy images (orders, portrait) and many tactical perk icons.

REALLY SPECIAL THANKS to RealityMachina for basically everything related to actual faction code

"Who could have known that the true threat did not fall to Earth on the backs of falling stars, but instead rose to the surface on the rising tides of our hearts?" — Nova, December 21, 2017