New Countries

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Author: Sgt. Nutcracker

Last revision: 8 Feb, 2016 at 17:41 UTC

File size: 1.33 MB

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This mod, as all mods will affect your save games; once you have installed this mod and you create a new saved game / save over your old save, that save becomes dependent on this mod (as far as I understand).
Also there are currently several flag mods out there that may overlap with this one if you install them. Currently I still don’t have a proper solution for that, will have to investigate more.

**Updated 8th Feb**

Now with 21 new nationalities!

Latest update added the following:

– Slovakia
– Czech Republic
– United Arab Emirates
– Saudi Arabia
– Hungary

All nationalities:

– Finland
– Estonia
– Latvia
– Lithuania
– Switzerland
– Austria
– Cuba
– Peru
– Chile
– New Zealand
– Denmark
– Iceland
– Uruguay
– Jamaica
– Croatia
– Oman
– Slovakia
– Czech Republic
– United Arab Emirates
– Saudi Arabia
– Hungary

Each nation has a small set of names (~15 first and last names per gender), I’ve tried to maintain at least some accuracy in choosing them. Icelandic names for example have separate last names for male and female characters.

NOTE: Installing duplicate mods (eg. Finnish flag mod or any other mod with overlapping flags) will probably result in two duplicate nationalities. It may also be that one nationality overwrites the other depending on the mod – not really sure about this. Mix at your own risk. Remember that your characters using the modded countries and save games will naturally become dependent of the mod.