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XCOM’s specialists have already proven how useful the GREMLIN can be, but valkyries take it one step further, trading personal weapon damage for powerful support abilities that both heal and enhance the lethality of the squad.

For those who want to use this mod with Musashi’s RPG Overhaul, check out the plugin here.

Class summary

The valkyrie starts off with three squaddie abilities: Healing Stream, Damage Buff, and Valkyrie. The former two are the bread-and-butter of the class and, while not limited by any cooldown or charge cost, require targets to be within a certain range to use. Valkyrie, meanwhile, temporarily boosts the frequency at which Healing Stream and Damage Buff can be cast, which can be used either offensively or defensively depending on the situation.

The valkyrie carries the bullpup and the GREMLIN into battle. The bullpup is generally reserved for self-defense as most of the time the valkyrie will be busy buffing or healing allies. It’s also advantageous to upgrade the valkyrie’s GREMLIN as soon as possible, as Healing Stream and Damage Buff’s values are based on its tech level.

Class highlights

Damage Buff
By default, allows an ally to do +1 damage for the rest of the turn. Damage Buff really shines when it comes to securing kills; for instance, early-game troopers are once again guaranteed one-shots on Commander and Legendary difficulty. The bonus also applies to almost any attack a soldier can perform (except grenades, though this can be changed with the Uninhibited ability), meaning a damage-buffed Templar or combat-protocol specialist can suddenly become a lot more dangerous for ADVENT.

When a soldier starts bleeding out, XCOM’s specialists face a lengthy process involving several medikits and Revival Protocol to patch them up and get them back in the fight. Valkyries, on the other hand, can do all of this in one quick action, instantly reviving an ally and restoring a significant amount of health at the same time. It can be used on unconscious allies as well, and can be paired with another ability, I’m With You, that makes allies guaranteed to bleed out upon taking a fatal hit.

This namesake ability can do a lot more than just allow Healing Stream and Damage Buff to be used multiple times in a turn. With an entire perk branch dedicated to its development, a valkyrie can wind up with an ability that heals them for free, gives four actions per turn, and can be active for half the time during a mission. Heavily investing in Valkyrie means forgoing many of the other abilities that are available to learn, but the results can be pretty spectacular.

A full list of abilities (including the GTS and random ones obtainable from the Training Centre) can be found in the Discussions tab.

Required mods

MoonWolf’s [WOTC] New Promotion Screen by Default.

Recommended mods (for general gameplay)

DerBK’s A Better Advent. I playtested this mod in ABA, so things may feel a bit more balanced with it enabled.

Recommended mods (for the full Overwatch experience)

RuNis and E3245’s [WotC] Overwatch Mercy Squadmate.

Casadoom’s Overwatch – Mercy Voice Pack.

If you want to just use this class with a unique Mercy character, check out the discussions tab for steps on how to do so.

Additional credits

shiremct’s [WOTC] Proficiency Class Pack, which was a fantastic help when coding Resurrect.

RealityMachina’s Biotic Class Redux, for the code necessary to enable bullpups by default.

Musashi’s Wotc SpecOps Class, for the code necessary to add in custom GTS perks.

Pavonis Interactive’s Long War Leader Pack, for the ability icon used with I’m With You.

Blizzard Entertainment, for the ability icons used with Valkyrie, Guardian Angel, Resurrect, and Heroes Never Die (and for creating Overwatch in the first place).

Have fun!

Required DLC:

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XCOM 2: War of the Chosen
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