Utility Slot Sidearms Extended

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Author: PZ

Last revision: 1 Dec, 2017 at 18:28 UTC

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Want a sword on your sniper? A pistol on your ranger? A gremlin on your grenadier? You know how it works by now.

GrimyBunyip’s original Utility Slot Sidearms is a wonderful mod with a few small flaws:

1. All created items go in the Quaternary weapon slot, so if you want to do somewhat crazy stuff like put both a sword and pistol on your grenadier, it doesn’t really work.
2. It attempts to incorporate the laser tier if you have the LW lasers installed, but that messes with your schematics if you’re just using the lasers as cosmetic.
3. Utility slot versions of weapons that use UpgradeItem instead of BaseItem to upgrade don’t upgrade properly.
4. The UpdateUtilitySlotSidearms console command is useful, but if you aren’t careful it can fill your HQ with lots of junk that there’s no easy way to get rid of.
5. The axes from the Alien Hunters DLC don’t work right. You only get one axe if you equip it as a utility weapon.
6. Sometimes templates are created after the mod runs that you may want to base utility slot items on, and fixing those issues can be annoying.

So, this mod is an attempt to fix those issues, as follows:

1. You can set an ini variable to create extra pistols and/or swords for the Quinary slot, which should cover most scenarios.
2. You can set an ini variable to disable the laser tier stuff.
3. The code that creates the utility slot weapons now handles this.
4. UpdateUtilitySlotSidearms now checks if you already have the item and won’t add another copy of it.
5. This mod adds its own X2MultiPairedWeaponTemplate that lets the pair of axes show up properly.
6. I’ve made some hacks that should eliminate the load order issues… at least it does with the mods I use. More work might be needed.

This mod is a replacement for Utility Slot Sidearms. Having both enabled will probably just mess up your game.

Special thanks to GrimyBunyip for the original Utility Slot Sidearms, without which this mod could not and would not exist.

DOES NOT WORK WITH WOTC. Try Utility Slot Sidearms Extended WOTC (another alternative is Utility Slot Sidearms WOTC but I didn’t make it and don’t use it so I can’t say if it will work for you)