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Author: Tee

Last revision: 19 Sep, 2017 at 10:52 UTC

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What this mod does (brief)

Reduces tension and punishing difficulty of tactical missions by allowing the squad to take more hits. Adds flexibility to combat tactics.

(Helps balance higher difficulty settings without reducing overall challenge much, if at all)

More specifically
  • All XCOM soldiers start with additional 8 Health (16 with Beta Strike) including SPARKS and Reapers

This mod is intended to be used with the Beta Strike advanced option and the Commander Ironman difficulty setting.

The specific bonus Health stat can be modified by going into:


and changing the number in the XComMBStrike file (though I’m not sure if the numbered folder names on my PC are the same for everyone).

  • This mod works with the War of the Chosen expansion (with Beta Strike enabled)
  • This mod is unaffected by stat changes from config/ini files
  • This mod will not work with other mods that also use scripting and the exact same names as I’ve used in the code
  • This mod will apply its effects to a mid-campaign save file. In some cases at least one tactical mission must be completed to finalise the effects

Extra Comments

This mod is helpful if people want the added challenge of commander difficulty (eg where tactical AI doesn’t hold back as much) but feel the tactical missions are a little too tense and alpha-strikey (even with the Beta Strike advanced option enabled!).

I also dislike soldiers being too fragile and prone to dying in one or two hits. Soldiers with too limited health is like a turn timer to act before they die.

There’s a lot about this game I love but the tactical missions on higher difficulty settings feel exhausting from the constant tension and feel unfairly punishing at times.