Avitus Voice Pack

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Author: aku47

Last revision: 8 Nov, 2017 at 22:03 UTC

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Voicepack for Avitus from Warhammer 40k Dawn of War 2.
-Will work for all retail versions of the game. (Vanilla, WOTC)

-Voice is available for all soldiers and hero units but not sparks.
(because obviously not)

My very First Mod, for any game ever.

Please tell me if I have made noob mistakes and report any bugs or even any changes you want to suggest.

Used only gameplay voicelines so far. No cutscene lines used … yet. Maybe in the future I will update these in.

Plenty of references to 40k lore kept in.
(the Emperor, Heretics, Xenos, Battle Brothers)
Even in-game items like melta bombs as grenades.
(Although that might be the only one)

Originally I had even retained voice lines where Avitus refers to himself by name for certain non direct control events that occur.

For Example:
*Spots Enemies while Concealed*
"Avitus Reporting" – "Enemy units"

In the end I decided against keeping them so the pack could be roleplayed as another character if you choose.

While the pack will work with WOTC hero units, you might notice that *many* (not all) of the new abilites of said units dont have any voice lines.
This has to do with the way firaxis decided to implement the expansion content voice audio.
There may be a way to add lines to the new abilites but I do not know how just yet.
If you are a more experienced modder and DO know how and would like to help a noob out please reach out.

-one report of no voice lines being played in LW2
Future Plans:
-Thaddeus Voicepack
-Add lines other than gameplay
-Cyrus Voicepack
(I only really want to make this once I figure out how to add lines for reaper abilites tho)

E3245 (for the Excellent written voicepack creation guide)

Kwahn (for excellent Modbuddy Videos)
zuff (for XCOM 2 Voicepack Mod Tutorial)
Xander Sweetman (for XCOM 2 Voicepack Mod Tutorial)
Eliphas (for uploading all the gameplay voice lines from dow2)
Made it a lot easier to get the voice assets.

Most importantly PsyCho on Steam for all the help and for putting up with all my contant questions.

Inital Release

I do not own anything.
The character Avitus, the voice assets and the image from Dawn of War 2 are part of the Warhammer 40k franchise which is a property of GamesWorkshop.