[WotC] Resistance Firearms – Main Module

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Authors: Krakah, ∑3245

Last revision: 8 Aug at 23:44 UTC (6)

File size: 20.87 MB

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IMPORTANT: This is the entire data module to the Resistance Firearms mod. The assets for the weapons can be found here. Subscribing to this is very important, since it contains all of the assets.

War of the Chosen version!

This mod is pretty much a weapon module (meaning that it’s simply adds the weapons and nothing more), so you can run this with other mods like A Better Advent, and so forth.

If you have issues with this mod or spotted a bug, please report it in the Bug Report Thread. If you want to provide feedback, whether its good or bad, then post in the General Feedback Thread.
If you are thinking of downvoting this mod, please provide feedback first, so I know what I should improve on/did wrong.

  • 55 weapons to utilize to your hearts content!
  • Redone from scratch! (Corrected textures, better vertex normals and smoothing)
  • Weapon animations! (Check the pistols, MWR LMGs and M14 rifle!)
  • More modular weapons!
  • Remastered weapon firing sounds!
  • Modular templates system, which you can edit all aspects of any weapon.


  • None so far.


  • Krakah for creating the inital framework for this mod.
  • Musashi and robojumper for helping me troubleshoot.
  • E3245 for the additional codework and testing.

Spirit Guide:
  • Beaglerush for testing this and advising me throughout the development of this mod. Watch his streams here![www.twitch.tv].

  • tr0ll for the Russian translation.


You are free to utilize the assets from this mod for your own gameplay/balance mods. If you do decide to use the assets, please credit the above authors/companies.
However, You are NOT allowed to do the following:

  • Upload this elsewhere without my permission.
  • Steal and/or take credit (Code/Assets/Models/Etc).
  • Make any sort of profit off of this.
  • Port the models to another game without explicit permission from the authors of the models above.


Release Version 3.003:

  • Fixed an attachment bug with the USP .45.
  • Fixed an attachment bug with the VSS.

Release Version 3.000 (Summer Weekday Update):

  • Added Insurgency: Sandstorm attachments to some weapons!
  • Added the G11, FN FAL, Honey Badger, H&K CAWS, and SVU!
  • New models for the SVD and M9, both from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered!
  • New textures for Stoy79’s and Millenia and Co.’s weapons!
  • New sounds for AKs and the SVD!
  • Underbarrel support for most Assault Rifles and Battle Rifles!
  • New UI icons!
  • More attachment models for the M16A4!
  • Fixed a bug where some of the stock upgrades on assault rifles would disappear if a hair trigger was installed.
  • Removed the XM16E1.