Investigation Mission: Tracking Tracer

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Author: RealityMachina

Last revision: 23 Nov, 2016 at 16:41 UTC

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Latest Update

Fixed error in Tracer’s GameData_CharacterStats.ini


The leader of the resistance cell known as "Overwatch" has reported that one of their members have been captured by ADVENT, and has requested assistance from XCOM…

Basically a Rescue VIP mission coded to appear around May to June (and at one higher difficulty level than normal), where the reward unit is Lena "Tracer" Oxton, who comes with her own skill tree. Requires a new game in order for the scanning site to be able to appear.

Squaddie perks are Salvo (basically to enable dropping her pulse bomb and blinking back), Blink and Recall, albeit Blink and Recall are effectively teleports with limited movement and in the case of Recall, it’s a teleport that should heal Tracer’s damage taken when used.

Known Issues

Probably horrendously balanced since a large chunk of the idea of this mod was "I wonder if I could do this" and not "how /should/ I do this".

There’s no animation for Blink and Recall (not even the teleport animation) since I have absolutely no idea how animations work in the backend.

Customization will look wonky when equipping new armours because CharacterTemplate.ForceAppearance is no match for the power of XComGameState_Unit going YOLO when picking new cosmetics for the armour you just equipped. Install this mod to fix it if you don’t mind having a mod that overrides XComGameState_Unit.

If the mission isn’t spawning, just to double check, clear out your config files in your DocumentsMy GamesXCOM2XComGameConfig folder. Game doesn’t tend to like alterations to XComMissions.ini when it’s not regenerated.

Tracer has invisible weapons in the rescue mission. I have no idea why, so just er, pretend she actually has her pulse pistol and not just the stats of a pulse pistol when she’s firing on people.