[WOTC] Hijabs

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Author: HotChocletyLez

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[WOTC] Hijabs

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NOT COMPATIBLE WITH VANILLA XCOM 2 (No I will not port to Vanilla, sorry)



Fellow modder wanted a Hijab so they could better represent their muslim friend in their character pool, so I kitbashed something together in a few hours. Not a perfect job, but it’s better than nothing. I might make these also equippable by civilians in the future.

This mod adds 2 Helmet options for female soldiers, both using the same model, but one is tintable with primary armor color (+ patterns) and one is tintable with secondary color.

Hope you enjoy! Remember ratings are always super helpful, and comments help me know I’m making content y’all enjoy!


Initial Release



+ The Biggest and Gayest of Jakes for prompting me to do this.

+ OverEnglishMan. for getting me WOTC and allowing me to keep making cool mods. Check him out on youtube!

+ CreativeXenos (CX) team for inviting me in and helping give me advice and help in allowing my skills to grow and my work to improve!



+ Thanks to my Patrons for supporting me while I do this!

+ Special thanks to Cadejo, Mandy, De3ta, and Raine!

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XCOM 2: War of the Chosen