[WOTC] Punching and Kicking

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Author: Iridar

Last revision: 24 May at 19:36 UTC

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This mod adds melee weapons that allow to punch and kick enemies. By default they are entirely cosmetic alternatives to Rangers’ Swords, have the same stats, and are upgraded by same schematics.


X2 WOTC Community Highlander is required.

Safe to add mid-campaign.


The mod is configurable through:

..steamappsworkshopcontent2685001748795728ConfigXComPunch.ini ..steamappsworkshopcontent2685001748795728ConfigXComKick.ini

By default, the mod adds Brass Knuckles. Melee attacks with randomly visualize as a punch, a kick or a stock strike. You can configure which animations are used in the XComPunch.ini.

You can also make the mod add Combat Boots in the XComKick.ini. Melee attacks with them always visualize as kicks.


Should be compatible with almost anything.

Configured for (WOTC) Utility Slot Sidearms Extended and Primary Secondaries.


Melee attacks with Brass Knuckle / Combat Boots will still be called "Slash" or something like that, and generally will refer to hack’n’slash weapons. Not something I can easily fix, nor care to.


If you’d like me to make the mod more configurable, please first consider supporting me on patreon[www.patreon.com] so I can afford the time to do it.

Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

XCOM 2: War of the Chosen
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