[WOTC] Rocket Launchers

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Author: Iridar

Last revision: 3 Oct at 20:44 UTC (12)

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This mod adds Secondary Weapon Rocket Launchers, accompanied by Rockets carried in soldiers’ Utility Slots. This is a gameplay alternative to Grenade Launchers carried with Grenades.

Currently, there are three tiers of Rocket Launchers, and three tiers of Rockets. There are three "standard explosive" rockets – one for each tier, and seven "exotic" rockets with unique gameplay features, spread around various tiers.

Most of the "exotic" rockets are acquired through Proving Ground projects, similarly to Experimental Grenades and Heavy Weapons, and they require high tier Rocket Launchers to fire.

Rocket Launchers are upgraded in the Engineering.

Most of the rockets are subject to Rocket Scatter, similar to LW2 Technical’s Rockets and my Disposable Rocket Launchers. Scatter gets worse if the soldier has only one action remaining when firing the rocket.

Rockets can be carried in Utility Slots and Grenade-only Slots, and most of them should be properly affected by Grenade-related perks, such as Heavy Ordnance, Biggest Booms, and Volatile Mix.

Rockets are visually displayed on the soldier’s back, so you can easily track the remaining ammunition.

Rockets are not a Unique Equip item, so each soldier can freely equip several rockets at a time. Additionally, soldiers can pass rockets between each other, so you create whole Rocket Crews, where only one of them actually has the Rocket Launcher, while others carry the ammunition for it. Carrying Rockets reduces the soldier’s mobility until the Rocket is fired or Given to another soldier.


The mod is currently a Work In Progress. All of the numbers, especially rocket damage, range and radius are subject to change. There could also be some bugs.

In the coming weeks, I will be adding more exotic rockets, change existing ones, and generally tweak the mod a lot.

If you’d like a more stable experience, it’s recommended to wait a month or two.


X2 WOTC Community Highlander v18.0+ is required.

[WOTC] Open Class Weapon Restrictions is required only if you want mod-added classes to be able to equip Rocket Launchers as a replacement to Grenade Launcher. Or you can configure their XComClassData.ini by hand.

Reward Decks Refresher is required if you will be adding Rocket Launchers to a campaign in progress. It’s also gonna let your on-going campaign to keep pace with new exotic rockets that will be added in the future.

Safe to add mid-campaign, but I don’t recommend doing it during a tactical mission just in case.

I’m not sure if any of the DLC is required, but I did use quite a few DLC assets. If you don’t have one of the DLCs, and something weird is going on, like missing sounds / particle effects / black materials – that’s probably why.


The mod is highly configurable through:

..steamappsworkshopcontent2685001775963384ConfigXComRocketLaunchers.ini ..steamappsworkshopcontent2685001775963384ConfigXComRockets.ini

You can find some configuration tips in the ReadMe.txt.


Should be compatible with almost anything.


First of all, huge thanks to my wonderful patrons for being super patient with me and this mod, as it’s been in development for months, with long and frequent delays. Only due to their continued support I was able to create this mod, and only thanks to that support I will continue working on it.

Thanks to SchinJammer for making the workshop thumbnail pic for this mod.

Thanks to InternetExploder for their Beam Grenade Launcher model that I used to create the Elerium Rocket Launcher.

Thanks to Spart for his help with Rocket Launcher textures.

Thanks to robojumper for maintaining the technical wonder that is the X2 WOTC Community Highlander.

Thanks to Team Creative Xenos and to people who have commissioned my previous mods that taught all the skills necessary to create this mod.

While I’m still working on this mod, I’m open to feature requests and suggestions, but first please consider supporting me on patreon[www.patreon.com] so I can afford the time to actually fulfill them.

Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

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