Maximum Extended Help (Expansions)

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Authors: Sakura, Jineapple

Last revision: 10 Oct, 2019 at 14:32 UTC (1)

File size: 3.45 MB

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This mod replaces the often incredibly unhelpful, inaccurate tooltips (activated with F1) with something actually useful – exact stats, correct descriptions on what researches do.

All parts in italics are possible upgrades for the units (I have excluded blacksmith upgrades and some others here, as they are obvious and clutter up things too much) or team bonuses. Civ bonuses are not mentioned, they also would take up too much space for little gain.
This mod also fixes several errors in the tech tree, such as the Celtic Sheep bonus (works totally different from the original description), all attack speed increases (which are calculated in a wrong way) and others.

Have a look at the pictures to see some examples.

Make sure that:
-You have your language set to English, German, Spanish or Chinese (It’s currently only available for these languages)
-You have extended help enabled (You can set with with a button next to the top right of your minimap or by pressing F1)
-The mod is enabled and you do not have other mods that modify language files. Or, if you do, set this mod to the highest priority (0).
-You are playing on the expansion data set (You can play with this on the base game data set, but units&techs might have changed descriptions due to balance changes.)
Here is the mod for the base game: Maximum Extended Help (AoC)
You can have both versions installed and activate just the one you need. Just restart AoE after disabling the wrong one in the mod manager and you’re good to go.
-Note for the italian translation: the original italian translation has some discrepancies (especially concerning the expansions version) that make the game mechanics confusing in some parts and this mod does not correct them all. To enjoy the full effectiveness of Maximum Extended Help, subscribe to this mod ( and, after you have launched the game, click on the Steam Workshop main menu button and make sure Maximum Extended Help is above (higher priority) Correzioni Lingua Italiana.

Thank you to Philippe Le bon for the voobly version (see here[]) as a starting point!

I am thankful for any feedback, big or small – Did you find an error? Do you not understand something? Is there a formatting error somewhere? Are you missing some information
or is there something you think is irrelevant?

This version is only for the expansion data set. Unfortunately there seems to be no way to have properly have both versions in one mod.

If you want to have this information available outside the game as well, check out my "Cheat Sheet", which has all this information (and a lot more) in a printable format:
Cheat Sheet

If you like what I’m doing and have the money, you’re welcome to donate 🙂 Donate to Jineapple[]


Old revisions of this mod are available below. Click the link to download.