[WotC] Mission: Prison Break

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If you have one of those campaigns with a lot of captured troopers and not enough time to get them, then this mod is for you! This mod adds a brand new mission, a derivative of the Rescue Soldier mission, called Prison Break. The rewards for completing this mission are intel and 6 Captured Soldiers or random high ranking soldiers or rookies, IF they survive. To get this mission, you must complete the "Locate ADVENT Prison Compound" Covert Action, just like the Rescue Soldier mission. If it doesn’t initially show up, just wait until the next month for it to show up. It will only show up once every month until the end of the game.

When the game generates this mission, it follows a specific order when picking the VIPs, detailed below:

Captured Soldier by rival Chosen -> Captured Soldier by ADVENT -> Random High Ranking Soldiers or Rookies.

There is no restriction to the number of soldiers XCom can take with you, but this mission will not be easy, and ADVENT will not take this show of force very lightly. There is no restriction for the Chosen to also appear. I’ve tested this mission many times with different scenarios but not with other mods, so it should be solid if you play a mostly vanilla playthrough that doesn’t significally alter the Strat layer.


If the number of captured soldiers by the rival chosen + ADVENT is less than 8, the mission will instead generate a highly configurable variety mission: dubbed Variety 01. This mission will pick from a variety of personnel, including scientist, engineers, and faction soldiers, with a chance of them not appearing. So now you can have missions with less than 6 prisoners. You can configure the chances to get a certain personnel more often than others.
The standard prison mission will always pick 6, but you can customize the chance of each reward. This will apply to both Variety 01 and the Standard Prison Break mission.

If you have issues with this mod or spotted a bug, please report it in the Bug Report Thread. If you want to provide feedback, whether its good or bad, then post in the General Feedback Thread.

If you are thinking of downvoting this mod, please provide feedback first, so I know what I should improve on/did wrong.


The objective of this mission is simple: infiltrate the ADVENT Prison compound and either hack or destroy the jail doors, or you can use a big brain move and wraith suit inside the cells. You can Evac out of the mission BEFORE rescuing the prisoners if the aliens are too tough for you, but the mission will be considered a failure and you may not have another shot at getting those prisoners out. If you rescue the prisoners, prepare to stand your ground.


This mission also introduces the Beaglerush house rules on Evac. The rules are:

  • (d3 + 1 extra turn [To compensate for activating on the current turn]) + value of TurnsUntilEVACArrivesModifier.
  • For example, if the game rolls a 3, then:
    (3 + 1) + 2 (The default Value of TurnsUntilEVACArrivesModifier) = 6
  • Once the Skyranger arrives, you have, by default, 4 turns to Evac everyone out.
  • When the timer hits 0, the Skyranger must evade the LZ, and you’ll have to survive an additional amount of turns dictated by the formula above until the Skyranger returns.

If you dislike this restriction, you can edit XComMissions.ini and disable the Beaglerush house rules on Evac, and restore normal Evac rules. Some parts of the mission can be configured as well. You can also disable the popups in this mission too.

  • New Mission that allows you to rescue more prisoners or recruit more soldiers! Be prepared to stand your ground.
  • Uses Beaglerush House Rules! Read above at your own risk!
  • You can’t play it via Skirmish mode or TQL. Haven’t figured that out yet.
  • Crashes with certain mods enabled. No root cause identified so far.
  • The mission timer doesn’t appear next to the mission for some reason. Will investigate later.
  • Fix some bugs, if any.
  • More missions or other mods.
  • More variations of this mission.
  • It should work right out of the box, regardless of your mod setup.

Q: I hate this part of mission where X. I demand you change it!

A: Sorry, but this mission stays. I’m not rewriting the entire mission since it takes forever to do.

Q: Is it doable? Can you give us any advice before tackling this mission?

A: It’s definitely doable, but you might want to bring more medikits. As long as you push back and prevent Aliens or others from shooting the prisoners, you’re should be fine.

Q: Is it safe to add this mod in the middle of a campaign?

A: Yes! You can add it mid campaign with little to no issues. You have to wait until the Covert Action list refreshes, which is when you get the supply drop.

Q: Vanilla version?

A: Not really, no.


  • E3245 for assembling the mission logic and all of the other coding stuff.
  • Iridar for his Duke Nukem Class/Mission mod.
  • RealityMachina for his Genji Redux mod.
  • Pavonis Interactive for the code that adds some necessary mission logic.
  • tracktwo and paledbrook of the LWotC team for the Destroy Evac code.



Release ver: 1.125:

  • Fixed issue where the reward requirements were not getting checked, leading to users getting duplicate missions and duplicate Covert Actions.
Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

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