Cat R3000H – Mining Wheel Loader

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Authors: Robb, DerNiepe

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Cat R3000H – Mining Wheel Loader
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This is a replica of the Cat R3000H mining Wheel Loader

Design: Robb
Controls and logic: DerNiepe
Lots of lots of hours are done in this build! πŸ™‚

This Creation is Mapped to be played by Numpad

– WSAD steering

-1 Lights
-2 and 3 Empty
-4 Close Bucket
-5 Lift Bucket
-6 Open Bucket
-7 Reset
-8 Lower Bucket
-9 Empty
-0 Brake


What if you got all dump out of a mountain?
Right, you have to move it somewhere else.
So check out the other mining machinery in
our Workshop.

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KOMATSU WA 1200 – BIG Wheel Loader

Liebherr 1000 EC-H – BIG Tower Crane V1

Liebherr 1000 – Tower Crane V2 (Mini)

Enjoy and have fun!


The door won’t open sometimes. We figured out that this happens when the Creation
is aligned to East or West. On North and
outh it opens to 99% of the time.

If you spawn the Cat right from the lift and move the Arm or Bucket, it looks really
smooth.If you Drive around and get in different alignments to the Map, it kind of stucks,
(Blame the Game, not us πŸ˜‰ )

You can get huge FPS drops if you drive on terrain (down to 17 at DerNiepe’s tests)