Fear, Steel, & Gunpowder

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Author: Opposing Farce

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Zombie Line Infantry! Fix Bayonets! This mod adds undead musketmen and artillery batteries for your Vampirate mid-to-late game needs! Also adds appropriate buildings to go with your new professional army. Create a new, undead empire! Additional information below.

Note: I created this mod as it felt weird to conquer the world but you’re still just building shacks and running around with mobs. To that end I’ve created units styled after colonial/victorian line infantry by mashing up Gunnery Wight uniforms with the RoR Gunnery Mob that uses bayonets in melee. There are four new building chains to go along with your new army, too.

Update 18 March 2019: Should have fixed artillery recruitment bug.
Update 26 March 2019: Another recruitment fix, let me know if it works!
Update 19 April 2019: Quick upload for the Warptech DLC. Shouldn’t be any issues. Let me know if otherwise.
Update 1 June 2019: Amethyst update, line infantry now have Depth Guard officers, fix for Mournghul recruitment (thanks tvilboa!) and slight buff to economy building.


The Units:

Zombie Line Infantry: Braving the enemy with rusty bayonets fixed! These units form the main line of your army. They are not the best at shooting or melee, but they’re not the worst either. However, given their dual role, they are affected by your lord’s red-line skills for both deck hands and gunnery mobs! This lets them stay relevant into late game, provided you buff them with lords and heroes. While they’re multi-role like Sea Guard, don’t go around expecting Sea Guard durability. These infantry have no armor and will melt to arrows and dedicated anti infantry.

Zombie Line Infantry, Handcannons: Similar to the above, but with handcannons. Better at killing large, unarmored foes and great for flanking engaged enemies.

Grenadiers: Taller, stronger zombies that heave grenades and then carve their way through infantry! Still not very durable, but have better melee attack and health. Use them to flank engaged enmies or counter other glass cannon infantry mulchers.

Mortar Battery: Functionally the same as regular mortars, but now with 6 mortars per unit with crew to match! However, they need logistic support – build the appropriate buildings to increase the global unit cap! (Same as Tomb King mechanic.)

Carronade Battery: Same dynamic, but with direct-fire carronades. Great for sieges and hitting large monsters. Same restrictions apply; you must built the appropriate building to increase the global unit cap.

Minutemen: Taxes now include the dead. When local authorities are threatened, said dead can be quickly raised and used in defense. They’re regular zombies though, don’t expect much. More established areas have more bodies available. These units are not recruitable, and are only available via garrisons from administrative buildings.



Fortifications: A new defensive structure line for both major and minor settlements. Offers more, better units to defend settlements but main settlements will sacrifice better tower projectiles for better units. The final building can only be built in Tier 5 settlements either, so you’ll have to wait, too. Defensive towers from this chain will use bullets and cannons instead of bones and caged bats.

Recruitment: Recruit the new units with a new chain available at level 3 settlements. Artillery units can be recruited with the level 5 building. As a bonus, local armies receive experience over time!

Administration: It’s a boring duty, but must be done. Also, it helps that your taxes can be raised to fight the enemy! At the final level provides a global +2% agent success chance!

Logistics: Enables the recruitment of additional artillery batteries, Gunnery Wights, and Mournguls. Previously, the only way to increase these hero caps were to build coves, but if you are expanding your borders you may not have the time, money, or opportunity to establish coves. This gives you an alternative. The final level provides a global +2% weapon strength and ranged damage bonus! (Same as the Wood Elf mechanic.)


This mod only adds units and buildings so it should be compatible with nearly all mods. However, if you use a large overhaul mod which overhauls all unit stats (SFO I think) then the units may not be balanced appropriately.

This mod is re-skin compatible. This means it is compatible with Dryrain Reskins. This is because this mod does not touch models or textures in any way, it merely creates a new unit using existing meshes pulled together. So any mod that changes models/textures for Gunnery Wights and vampire coast artillery will apply to these new units.

These units are affected in campaign by all research, rites, and lord skills. That’s right, no worries about missing out on stat boosts. Remember that Line Infantry are affected by red-line and research bonuses for both Deck Hands and Gunnery Mobs, to make them fearsome late game units and to represent your faction getting stronger.



These units and buildings are probably overtuned, but it’s all subjective. That being said, I’ve tried making a choice between the new buildings and regular buildings, and I’ve tried dipping into other factions’ mechanics to keep it interesting. Let me know what you think.


Future Plans:

– Finish unit cards for artillery and minutemen
– Add RoR
– Add building to fleet admirals for infantry recruitment (Marines!)

Post your suggestion below!


As this is an initial release I’ve been the only one testing it. Please let me know of errors or issues.

This mod definitely escalated from my original idea of some colonial line infantry for vampire counts. I then kept going, creating a mod representing my head canon for a vampire admiral who wanted to take over the world. It was a big learning experience.

Feel free to leave comments and suggestions but keep in mind modifying my mod is easy too! Just give it a try and open it in RustedPackFileManager.

Special thanks to Crynsos and Vandy for their help in the C&C Modding Den!


Required DLC:

These DLC should be installed in order to use this item.

Total War: WARHAMMER II - Curse of the Vampire Coast